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Published 03/03/2023 / News

Everyone wants in on the AI action! 🤖💪 
This week’s Fresh Ink explores how Meta and Instagram are entering the AI race, changes coming to LinkedIn and the secrets to perfecting your podcast pitch!  
Read on for more top stories in PR, marketing, and social media. ✅  

Back on the Market 

Marketing’s strategic importance is on the rise. 40.9% of marketers have a greater strategic role within their business than ever before. And 65% feel their work is having a greater impact than it did previously. It takes a marketer to build a community. 

Marketing Week – Marketing’s strategic importance continues to rise


Users will be able to choose what type of content will display on the activity tab of their profile. As B2B influencers look to engage with their audience and prove their communication skills, we may see a change in content and strategy. With improved access to content, we actually want to see, will this change the way we use LinkedIn forever?  

PR Daily – 10 New Social Media Features you should know about this week

Llama Drama 

The AI race is full speed ahead with Meta announcing its own new large language model – dubbed LLaMa. Unlike other generative AI launches, however, you can’t talk to Meta’s LLaMa: instead, it’s aimed to help researchers solve problems plaguing other models. 

CNBC – Mark Zuckerberg announces Meta’s new large language model as A.I. race heats up

Big fish across the pond  

CBS News was the fastest-growing site in the US in January, but The New York Times remains king as the most visited website in January – closely followed by CNN, MSN, and Fox News. Interestingly, a British contender approaches: the US edition of The Sun’s audience has more than quadrupled its US readership in the last two years.  

Press Gazette – Top 50 news sites in the US in January: CBS News fastest-growing site, Sun enters top 20


Instagram is a hard act to follow. Its co-founders are hoping that AI is the answer. ‘Artifact’, its new AI powered news app, works to curate a personalised feed through users’ likes – just like Instagram’s own addictive algorithm. Will these founders be a one-hit wonder – or will AI help them conquer the news? 

The Verge – Artifact, the AI-powered news app from Instagram’s co-founders, is now open to all

Podcast Power 

Everyone loves a podcast – but how do you get on one? Show the host how your content will add value to their channel; explain how your spokesperson’s credentials makes them an ideal guest. It helps to include supporting materials, such as relevant article links, research papers and social media profiles. Perfect your pitch and you’ll soon be on air!  

Propel – How to Craft the Perfect Podcast PR Pitch


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