Amplifying a billion-dollar business’s cloud proposition in the UK

Published 05/04/2024 / CASE STUDY

NYSE-listed Informatica is a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for data management. But for any organisation to benefit from the full promise of AI, they need clean, trusted data that is managed and governed at scale.

That’s where Informatica comes in – bringing data and AI to life. And that was the message we were tasked with amplifying consistently throughout the UK when we partnered with the company in January 2023.

“Everyone’s ready for AI except your data.”

— Amit Walia, Informatica CEO

Out of the niche, into the headlines

With its Intelligent Data Management Cloud™ (IDMC) platform, Informatica makes it possible for companies to make sense of disparate sources of data, turning data chaos into data clarity to help drive innovation and growth. Powered by AI, IDMC delivers data that is trusted, timely and actionable for any data-dependent use case. It helps CDO’s/CIO’s, data engineers, and IT professionals build a world class data practice to enable business leaders to quickly find, manage, and apply the data they need to achieve better business incomes – all in one place with one source of truth.

It was this ability to “pull everything together” that led CEO Amit Walia to describe the company as the “Switzerland of data”. Yet despite the huge potential of its proposition, amplifying its message to C-suite buyers who aren’t always directly involved in the work of enterprise data management required innovative, lateral thinking.

Our approach was to align the company’s viewpoint with the breaking news agenda. By pitching its perspective against the stories dominating the headlines, we could raise the profile of its sophisticated product and ignite conversations among prospects.

To achieve results with this strategy requires lightning-fast reactions to the quickly evolving media landscape, along with a ‘standout line’ and a unique perspective. The outcomes we achieved speak for themselves, including impressive national, broadcast, and trade media coverage.

Showcase: piggybacking on the AI zeitgeist

One of our recent comments, reacting to the breaking news agenda, centered on the European Parliament’s vote on artificial intelligence standards, aimed at encouraging “human-centric and trustworthy AI”. We quickly formed a punchy comment outlining exactly what the vote means for businesses and policymakers, and reiterated the crucial importance of the quality of the data being fed into AI technologies. Our comment laid out how generative AI puts data accuracy on a knife edge. Incorrect data, that ultimately ends up fuelling AI models, will get organizations hurt. The results included five pieces of tier-one coverage, including two nationals.

We’ve secured several high-profile executive interviews by pitching CEO Amit Walia to strongly leverage the brand message: How Informatica is bringing data and AI to life. Recent interviews include both CNBC Europe’s Squawk Box and Street Signs programmes. The appearances gave him a platform to talk about why, for AI to be effective and trusted, it’s entirely reliant on the quality and reliability of the data feeding it. “There is no AI without good data – otherwise it’s garbage in, garbage out”, said Amit Walia. The resulting interviews were broadcast to a Europe-wide audience on CNBC’s flagship shows and related articles, with the video replays reaching over 700 thousand people. A further profile piece of Amit on the new BBC series Pathways to Success reached another 460 thousand readers online, millions of viewers of the BBC Asia Business and World Business Reports, and was liked by over 700 people on LinkedIn via Amit Walia’s own post sharing the interview.

Having relevant, well-delivered perspectives on current topics has vastly improved brand visibility for Informatica – increasing coverage by 61% between Q1 2022 and Q2 2023.

Going deeper with bylines and profiles

As well as drafting snappy comments, our ongoing work with Informatica includes pitching for long-form thought leadership pieces targeting key vertical sectors such as retail, manufacturing, and transport and logistics. Besides giving us the opportunity to showcase the company’s solution in more detail, opinion articles help us to validate Informatica as a data management expert – doubling down on its message and targeting prospects directly.

We have landed longer form pieces for the UK team across four key verticals, and built out the profile of several of the senior European leadership team.

Tier-ones, trades, and TV: our results so far

PR activities have helped put Informatica’s value proposition in front of a large audience across a huge range of sectors.

In H1 2023 we secured:

• 60 pieces of tier-one media coverage.

• Two broadcast interviews on CNBC (Squawk Box and Street Signs) and one profile on BBC (Pathways to Success).

• Thought leadership commentary featured in national publications such as City AM, The Times, Raconteur, and CNBC.

• In-depth commentary included in trade publications such as Computer Weekly, Tech Republic, and Verdict.

• Over 1 million views of articles featuring Informatica.

• Nearly a third of coverage (27%) included a backlink to Informatica’s website.

“Data and AI are buzzwords on every business leader’s lips. Data is the key to knowing who you’re selling to, how well you’re engaging with them, what obstacles you might face in the future and, often, how to overcome them. And AI is advancing this decision-making process at the speed of light.”

“Businesses that have confidence in the quality of their data will outperform competitors, and Informatica helps build this crucial data foundation, empowering AI to generate valuable, trusted information. It’s a busy space but 3THINKRS enables us to stand out. They make our points of difference heard, and clearly explain the benefits of our platform to our audience.

“That’s what 3THINKRS helped us achieve. They know how to navigate the media landscape, the angles within stories that will play to our message, and how to land top-tier opportunities. The team has understood and executed on our strategy since day one. We’ve been thrilled with the results they’ve achieved for us within UK.”

Julia Giona, EMEA Public Relations, Informatica

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