OpenAI’s GPT-4 Upgrade, MuckRack’s PR Metrics & Hootsuite’s 2024 Report

Published 17/11/2023 / FRESH INK

Open AI’s developments continue. And, predictions are plentiful on how it will enrich PR, social and marketing in 2024. Interestingly, B2B marketers continue to struggle to match content to their audience and ‘the funnel’. And, B2C marketers are looking to shift from purpose to practicality in 2024.   

There’s that and more in Fresh Ink:  

⚖️ Practicality is in and purpose is out in US B2C 

📏 MuckRack’s Eight PR Metrics of 2023 

📱 Hootsuite’s AI Social Use Cases for 2024 

🎨 Matching B2B Content to its Audience is a Struggle 

🤖 A 300-page text injection with OpenAI’s GPT-4 

📃 Mail Online Tops the IPSO’s Naughty List 

Practicality is in and purpose is out in US B2C Marketing  

Practicality is in and purpose is out for 2024 B2C marketing, according to Forrester’s predictions. It predicts that nine out of 10 mainstream brands in the US will go quiet on social justice causes and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns. On the AI front, 20% of CMO job roles are predicted to include a variation of experience with generative AI within the next few years. 

Marketing Brew – Practicality may trump purpose in 2024 marketing, report says  

MuckRack defines the Eight PR Metrics of 2023 

The top three stakeholder PR metrics of 2024 are producing measurable results (66%), tying PR activities to business initiatives (62%), and sourcing more coverage (57%), according to Muck Rack’s PR measurement report. And, communications teams now measure against an average of eight metrics – number of stories placed (7.6), reach/Impressions (6.8), key message pull-through (6.4), website impact (5.7), Share of Voice (5.6), revenue impact (5.5), social engagement (5.2), media pitch performance (5.1), sentiment (5), owned social media impact (4.7). 

Marketing Charts – Which Metrics Are Most Useful for PR Teams?    

Hootsuite predicts 2024 AI Social Use Cases  

AI use in social will skyrocket in 2024, according to Hootsuite’s Social Media Trends 2024 report. 86% of marketers are planning to use AI to edit and refine content, 85% will use it to produce text from scratch and 82% will use it to develop ideas. Whilst many are banking on AI, they are also predicted to face a “multi-platform predicament”. With concerns rising around ROI and time/budget investment, will businesses maintain a multi-network presence, or will they double down on the platforms that matter?  

Hootsuite – Social Trends for 2024 Report  

A 300-page text injection with OpenAI’s GPT-4 

OpenAI has announced a new GPT-4 turbo model, which is equipped to support a 128k context window – which means you can fit the equivalent of more than 300 pages of text in a single prompt. It is pegged as being a cheaper option and more capable of performing requests. And, the new model has been updated with event knowledge up to April 2023 – a positive step forward towards more accurate information. 

OpenAI –  New models and developer products announced at DevDay  

Matching B2B Content to its Audience is a Struggle  

57% of B2B marketers cite creating the right content for their audience as the biggest challenge, according to a study from Content Marketing Institute. Other frequently cited challenges include creating content consistently (54%), differentiating content (also 54%) and optimizing for SEO (45%). Beyond this, almost half (48%) found it difficult to align content with the buyer’s journey.  

Marketing Charts – What Are B2B Content Marketers’ Biggest Challenges?  

Mail Online Tops the IPSO’s Naughty List 

Mail Online had the most upheld IPSO complaints in 2022, with seven Editor Code’s breaches in 2022, according to Press Gazette. However, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Sun newspapers as those with the most Editors’ Code breaches in 2022 according to the IPSO. On the positive side, there were fewer breaches in the report, than in previous years.  

Press Gazette – Mail Online had most Editors’ Code breaches in 2022  


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