A Letter of Thanks

Published 17/06/2021 / News

Freefalling into the unknown has been scary and exhilarating in equal measure

No plan, no targets, no deadlines. That was my life eight months ago. It’s exactly what I needed at the time, both professionally and personally. It allowed me the time to explore different approaches, different tools, different ways of working. To challenge my status quo. To spend more time with my mum. It was my mum who spurred me on. When I suggested I was going to quit my job, her words were, ‘Just be brave. The worst thing that can happen, is that you have to live with me’. I hoped that wouldn’t happen, but I did need to come up with a plan.  Well, a series of post-it-notes on my wall, because plans need to be fluid in a pandemic!

I am so grateful for the calls when I changed my LinkedIn status

I was freefalling into the unknown, a little scared that I would be lonely without a team. I was lucky, my biggest fear did not materialise. I had calls from old and new friends. Every message of encouragement, every offer of help made me feel like the industry had puts its arms around me.

Friends in other agencies referred business to me. Former clients got in touch wanting to work with me again. New and established agency founders offered advice, shared insights, and gave me encouragement. I quickly started to work with a collective of new and old team members on projects. That team inspired me and made me laugh along the way. It led me to choose to ‘create a new agency’, rather than remain as an independent consultant.

The new team, the collective of opposites all share a common belief – the desire to drive change

An openness to challenge current thinking. To learn new skills. To challenge the status quo.

When it came to setting up the business, I really did luck out on the family front – commercial lawyer, accountant, IT architect, serial entrepreneurs, company secretary, sales leaders, and a wellness coach – to talk to. They helped me build the structural foundations of the business. And my unofficial network of mentors, from comms professionals, management consultants, to CMOs and CEOs, helped me focus in on what clients really want.

To everyone that called.

That said yes to working with us. I just want to say, Thank You.

By Ruth Jones

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