B2B Clients Don’t Get National Coverage   

Published 28/06/2023 / THOUGHTS

Fifteen years ago, I created an all-client national coverage tracker!   

Every client, every month, broadcast, national and trade coverage is tracked – and reviewed.  

It’s a tracker that shows the art of the possible. And it sorts the wheat from the chaff! It highlights where we are outperforming, and where we need to inject a new burst of energy and creativity into a client’s storytelling.   

Three reasons to have a tracker: 

– Elevating B2B clients to the front pages of the national media – and the studio chairs of business broadcast segments – isn’t easy. Performance needs to be tracked, improved upon, and then repeated.  

– Overseeing 25+ clients and keeping churn rate low involves enabling teams to deliver great results, consistently. Spotting dips and upward trends is easier with live data. It’s also super helpful when predicting (and, God forbid, guaranteeing…) coverage levels for B2B clients.  

– There is nothing more exciting than seeing your B2B clients on the telly and in the nationals. I mean, you’ve not seen how excited my mum gets! And, I have to say, it still makes me super proud when the team lands their first – or their hundredth – national and broadcast hit!    

The clumsy ship that broke the tracker 

There is one newsjack story that had to be omitted from the all-client national coverage tracker. And it involved one clumsy ship that cut off the web for 75 million people.  

The outage impacted every telecommunications provider across Europe, from BT to France Telecom. It also cut off Europe’s internet connectivity…  

At the time, I worked with Interoute – Europe’s largest fibre optic network provider. Interoute wasn’t a household name, or a nation’s telecoms incumbent. In fact, many national and broadcast media hadn’t yet heard of the company. But it acted quickly, provided us with breaking insights, and the story hit every national and broadcast multiple times over. It also spiked their internet traffic and was one of the stories that earnt me the title of Newsjacko Jones! Ultimately, the story made the BBC’s top ten articles of the year: ‘Severed cables disrupts net access’. 

Inside the 3THINKRS tracker  

When I set up 3THINKRS, the concept of a national coverage tracker might have seemed silly, given we only had a handful of clients. But, without it, I couldn’t share that we’ve inked 176 nationals + broadcast clippings in two years. And six front page national stories!  

Occasionally, I’ll spot a dip in a client’s coverage levels. That’s when project GMSFC kicks in. Live, early-morning newsjacking training, client deep dives, and proactive storytelling workshops. The sessions are not for the faint hearted. The team needs to think quickly, write succinctly, and be brave with the ring-around. It is not that easy to elevate your clients to the C-suite audience.  

Do you still get excited when your company’s messages reach a C-level audience? Say hello@3thinkrs.com    


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