Building Resilience in the Thinkrs & Inkrs Bootcamp 

Published 20/09/2022 / THOUGHTS

Ever felt a little bit like you’ve been professionally punched in the head? 💥👊💥 

Agency life asks a lot of the team:  

-Work at speed, responding to trending stories and breaking news cycles 

-Sustain high performance with an eye for detail, and contextual awareness 

-Show up with enthusiasm, creativity, and professional etiquette  

-Gracefully accept rejection, professional ghosting, and a little bit more rejection 

-Manage multiple moving deadlines, expectations and demands for your time 

-Oh, and take care of yourself  

When I set up 3THINKRS, I consciously removed the working policies that prioritise presentism over wellbeing and inhibit people, preventing them from reaching their peak performance. Our wellbeing strategy was formulated during many lockdown walks with my twin sister, a former world champion Thai-Boxer. Now a Director at WorkAthlete, she advises FTSE 100 leaders on wellbeing and energy management, helping them perform at their professional peak. I recently got together with Rach and Rob at WorkAthlete to devise the agenda for the Thinkrs & Inkrs Bootcamp. 🥊📈💪 

First up, the team will be asked to write the perfect newsjack in fifteen minutes, whilst simultaneously being punched in the head by a former world champion Thai-Boxer. If successful, we know they will have a career at 3THINKRS. 😲🤯 

Okay, okay, just joking. We will be training the team on how to reach their peak work performance by better managing their energy and developing techniques to improve their wellbeing. 🏋️‍♀️🧘‍♀️ 

The Thinkrs & Inkrs Bootcamp 

-Show up with confidence and resilience  

-Respond at speed, with a high degree of accuracy  

-Find your peak performance, by creating a unique working pattern  

-Create compelling copy, for multiple channels and with different tones of voice   

-Develop self-awareness on how best to manage energy and deliver with energy  

-Supporting a healthy team dynamic, that is supportive of each other’s wellbeing  

-Recognise early signs of anxiety and depression and respond to protect your wellbeing  

If you fancy a career at 3THINKRS, get in touch. (Don’t worry, no punching involved) 

Find your peak performance, by creating a unique working pattern

By Ruth Jones

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