The business-to-business marketing debate

Published 09/01/2023 / THOUGHTS

This report is part of a series of three pieces of work by 3THINKRS that explores the challenges facing B2B organisations. It is intended to support CMOs in their quest to drive profitable growth, build future-proof brands and adapt to changing conditions.

In this first report, 3THINKRS brought together a group of leaders from marketing agencies and tool vendors to discuss the trends in integrated marketing, sales and public relations. It is a discussion of grassroot issues for practitioners by practitioners.

The second report in this series summarises the key takeaways from the most relevant marketing, sales and PR reports of the last year. These reports were published by analysts, consultancies, agencies, and tool vendors.

The final piece of work builds on the first two reports and adds the CMO perspective based on proprietary survey data.

Click here to access the report (no contact details required to view the full report).

By Ruth Jones

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