Capturing attention in an emerging tech category

Published 01/03/2023 / CASE STUDY

When Kensu partnered with 3THINKRS, our challenge was to raise awareness of its first-of-its-kind data observability product.  

The category itself had only recently emerged into the crowded tech marketplace. But, with expectations for it to grow at a CAGR of 8.2% from 2022-2032, capturing audience attention early was paramount. 

We needed to make the media’s ears prick up, secure coverage, and ensure Kensu’s message and proposition were heard and understood clearly by its targets, across both the US and UK.  

This is how we did it. And it starts with storytelling… 

Securing visibility in a new category  

Kensu was founded by Andy Petrella, a mathematician turned engineer. He noticed that, as the complexity of data environments grew, it became harder for data teams to diagnose and troubleshoot flaws in the data. The upshot was frustration between the people producing and consuming the data.  

By launching the industry’s first 360-degree data observability solution, Kensu gave companies complete vision and control over their data. It enabled teams to monitor data at-rest and in-motion throughout their data environments – powerful points of difference. But, with hype growing around data observability, Kensu needed an effective communications strategy to get its message heard above the noise.    

That’s when 3THINKRS came in.  

Product and partner storytelling

Our approach focused on product and partner storytelling to explore the deep user benefits of the new technology. Among our hooks were Kensu’s ability to offer users data visibility inside and outside of their applications, and to monitor the health of their data in real-time – a trustworthy end-to-end data solution. 

We positioned data observability as a capability that leaders needed to master to stay competitive. And, by associating Kensu with the birth of this new category, we established it as a pioneer in the field.  

Planting the flag 

Over a nine-month PR programme, 3THINKRS’ strategy helped Kensu to secure: 

• 54 pieces of coverage.

• 210k+ coverage views.

• 793 social media engagements.

We focused on delivering Kensu’s messages to its core audience – data and tech professionals at US and UK companies – with coverage landing in target publications like Blocks & Files, Digitalisation World, Inside Big Data, and Brilliance Security Magazine.  


“3THINKRS strategically aligned our thought-leadership programme with our go-to-market messages. It helped inject Kensu into the growing discussion around data observability and position our technology within the developing category. The team secured editorial placements in key publications across US and UK media, ensuring the visibility of our brand and proposition to prospective customers.” 

Eleanor Treharne-Jones, CEO, Kensu 

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