Exploring the Top 10 AI Tools for Marketing and PR 

Published 12/10/2023 / NEWS

From streamlining tasks to generating insightful analytics, AI is already transforming the way marketing and PR professionals work. Tools such as ChatGPT can help teams to work smarter, not harder. And, as the technology improves and the providers multiply, marketeers have a unique opportunity to profit from these tech savvy innovations. 

But it can be daunting to know where to start and what the best AI products are. 3THINKRS’ team has been hard at work, trying and testing a variety of tools. In this article, we’ll delve into the top ten AI tools for marketing and PR – and the ones to keep an eye on.

1. ChatGPT 

In late 2022, Chat GPT landed with a splash. In the first five days, more than a million people signed up, and two months later the tool had reached at least 100 million users. It’s now updated to ChatGPT 4 – which is a paid version.  

However, the free version, ChatGPT 3 is still a great resource for PR and marketing professionals. Beyond content generation, it’s helpful for brainstorming. Ask ChatGPT 3 a question (being as specific as you can), and it comes up with a useful list of ideas that can kick start your project or article. 

2. Jasper AI 

Jasper AI is a lesser-known alternative to ChatGPT, but it’s still pretty powerful, and scores highly in our top ten AI tools. Like ChatGPT, it can generate both short-form and long-form content. The major difference is that Jasper has an extensive number of tools to produce better copy. It can write in over 50 different templates and tones of voice (TOV). You can even share your website domain and it will generate content in your brand voice.  

3. Perplexity 

Perplexity is an AI-driven analytics tool that decodes complex data sets, making it useful for processing and interpreting vast amounts of data. It can also analyse customer behaviour, engagement metrics, and market trends.  

And, unlike Chat GPT, Perplexity searches the internet in real time, it also provides sources for the information it provides. 

Beyond its utility in extracting meaningful insights from data, the tool is also helpful for prompt ideation. After you ask the tool a question, it provides related topics that can keep the conversation going or spark a new idea and has a ‘discover’ section. Last but not least, its SEO optimisation functionality makes it a popular AI tool for digital marketers. It helps with keyword research and can support backlink building strategy by identifying relevant websites. 

4. Engage AI 

Hashtags are an effective way to expand both reach and engagement. This is why Google’s AI-generated Hashtag Analytics tool features in our top 10 AI tools. Available as a Chrome Extension, this specialist tool analyses hashtag performance on LinkedIn. It helps improve engagement by using advanced AI technology to generate insightful, personalised comments on posts.  

It can identify trending hashtags and suggest those likely to enhance visibility. It provides post notifications and has the option to sort and delete posts. The tool can also help marketing and PR professionals understand public conversations and align their messaging with ongoing discussions.  

5.  ‘Sprinklr’ 

Sprinklr is an AI-powered social media management platform that supports greater customer engagement across more than 30 channels. 

The tool uses AI analytics to analyse data and monitor social media interactions, and can identify intent and sentiment, to direct customers to the right resources. It also offers actionable insights into brand perception and market trends making this is a top AI tool for brand and content professionals.  

Armed with this data, marketers and PR teams can make informed decisions and pivot their strategies to align with audience sentiment. 

6. Market Muse 

Market Muse is a great AI tool for content marketing, helping content creators optimise their content with trend data, SEO strategies, and predictions.  

Users can ask the technology to conduct extensive AI research on a selected topic, while working to a specific brief and to key performance indicators. The content is optimised to improve organic search rankings and reach more readers. The technology then generates an initial draft that serves as a solid foundation for users to build upon and offers a built-in editor.  

7. Surfer SEO 

Surfer SEO is designed specifically for SEO content writing. The technology analyses the content of a prospective website page against “500+ on-page” signals and compares it to the top-ranking websites for a specific keyword. 

It provides data-driven recommendations to optimise and structure content for SEO. It can also be used to generate catchy headlines to increase engagement.  

8. Manychat 

A popular AI tool for chatbot marketing, sales and support, Manychat allows businesses to automate customer interactions and provide personalised experiences. 

It helps businesses start conversations through Instagram DMs, WhatsApp or Facebook, helping to save time and pre-qualify leads. It features AI-powered live chat assistance, allowing users to craft responses and optimize text length. User feedback suggests that the interface is easy to use with the visual flow builder.  

9. Quillbot 

QuillBot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool, which rephrases text, improves fluency and tone. 

Again, a great asset for content writers, the technology works a little like the AI-writing assistant Grammarly and is trained on data sets which show the right and wrong ways to write. It helps users to generate copy which has the correct vocabulary, tone and style.  

Not only does it function as a plagiarism and grammar checker, but it can also be used to translate content into multiple languages. The AI translates text quickly and accurately, so is particularly helpful to understand studies written in other languages.  

10. Gamma  

Gamma is an AI-powered content generation tool, which creates a presentation, document or webpage that users can customise and refine to suit their own purpose. The tool has an easy-to-use interface, which means that users can restyle decks quickly, and embed various media types to bring ideas to life. It can also be used to present live to clients.  

The Power of Experiment-AI-tion   

At 3THINKRS, our B2B PR and content team has spent time trialling the rapidly evolving AI tools available. Following our ‘AI Bootcamp’ session in March, we think there’s reason for optimism. These tools can be used to inspire and improve human ideas, helping us to generate better output more efficiently and improve our productivity.   


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