Fireworks and Symphony

Published 30/06/2021 / THOUGHTS

Aligning marketing, PR and sales is all about working in sync with your opposite.

Have you ever done that? It’s often fireworks and symphony.

For companies looking to pivot at pace, a collective of opposites need to unify as one. That’s why 3THINKRS exists. It’s what we’ve been focused on building for the last few months. We pressed pause to speed up delivery. Revisited tried and tested methodologies and working practices, to create a new way. 3THINKRS is a collective of opposites that all share the same purpose – the desire to drive change. We came together to challenge our thinking, our status quo. We’ve written a new playbook on how to build brands and take market share: how to sync marketing, PR, and sales to amplify outcomes with our 3×3 approach.

We are on a mission to help companies drive change in their industries and for society. To rebuild infrastructure in the drive towards net zero. Shift leadership practices to take a proactive approach to workplace wellbeing. Use data insights to drive business back to growth. And, help the fight against fraud and financial crime.

We’re laser focused on helping our clients find their unique point of difference.

To drive change, for the better. And deliver better business outcomes with the power of three.

We’re here to help our clients, our team, our industry, change for the better. We are excited to introduce 3THINKRS. If you’re passionate about change, let’s have a chat.

By Ruth Jones

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