Gracie’s 1 Year Round-Up : Amsterdam, Mr Motivator, and reaching Peak Performance

Published 24/06/2022 / THOUGHTS

Gracie meeting fitness influencer ‘Mr Motivator’ at the CIPD 2021 conference

It’s been a year… 

What’s been your favourite moment? 

I joined 3THINKRS a year ago as a part-time student intern. The agency was just getting off the ground, and I was finishing my final term at university. I joined the graduate scheme in the autumn and since then, I have learnt and experienced so much – from securing national coverage to training new graduates.  

My favourite moment, so far, was convincing fitness influencer ‘Mr Motivator’ to join us at a client event stand and record some content. Our client was really pleased with the content we shot, and the opportunity to meet him – and I was proud to have made that happen for them.  

What’s the most fun thing you have done at 3THINKRS? 

Undoubtedly our trip to Amsterdam was the most fun thing I’ve done so far at 3THINKRS. We are lucky to have such a flexible way of working – our hot desking scheme means we can work from wherever we want – and as self-promoted ‘Head of fun’ (!) I jumped at the idea of working from abroad. It was a great way to bond as a team, just spending some time together outside of work and enjoying a new city meant that when we got back to work, we could hit the ground running.  

What’s been challenging about your first year? 

I think the most difficult thing about my first year as a graduate in the world of work has been figuring out how to work at my best. It took me a while to feel comfortable in my new routine, with some days feeling quite difficult. Having a small team really helped, it meant that someone with a great deal of experience was never far away and always happy to help. As the first graduate employee at 3THINKRS I got thrown in at the deep end – in the best way – I learnt so much so fast and had a good amount of responsibility for tasks early on. I love that kind of challenge.  

I work at my peak when I have a balance of quiet, independent working at home, and high-energy office days with the rest of the team.

When do you work at your peak performance? 

It’s been interesting discovering different ways to work over the last year. I’ve always known that I enjoy collaborative work, I love people and I draw real energy from interacting with colleagues throughout the day. I think that’s why I love our office days. I always get so much done in the office and in the first few months of the job, it was the best way to learn. The office days we have at 3THINRKS seem very different to the usual office vibe- we hot desk, so we are constantly moving about, and we usually end up all working in the same space somewhere – so it’s not like when you go into the office, and you’re stuck at your desk independently. Obviously, different ways of working work for different people – and that’s why hybrid is great. I work at my peak when I have a balance of quiet, independent working at home, and high-energy office days with the rest of the team.

By Gracie Baker

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