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Published 08/08/2022 / THOUGHTS

I met some amazing people at my first internship. I was fascinated by everything, right from the fun team to the Pop-Up offices. I was given a warm welcome, introduced to the team and briefed on the agency and its clients. Account executive Gracie helped me throughout my internship and her efforts to understand my interests and skills helped me find which tasks I was really interested in.

I had a truly amazing internship experience, which is why I have decided to pursue a career in B2B public relations, and I encourage my peers to do internships with agencies like 3THINKRS. Here are a few major learnings from my internship with 3THINKRS that I’ll always cherish:

What is the key thing you have learnt on the 3THINKRS Intern programme?

When beginning your career in the professional world, it is crucial to know what’s going on in and outside of your organisation. If you are working in PR, you must embrace the habit of reading the news to learn about the trending topics and get to know the journalists. This has helped me create relevant media stories and commentary.

What is the best tool that you used, and why was it helpful?

Technology has been a vital role in my day-to-day work during my internship. There are many tools that we use in our agency for discovering media opportunities and effective reporting. My favourite one was Roxhill because it provides in-depth details, biographies and information about journalists. This helps us find the right and relevant journalists quickly.

What was the most difficult thing to learn?

At the start of my internship, as an international student intern, I found it difficult to differentiate between the national and regional newspapers. Roxhill really helped, it made my work much easier, and now I can recognise most of the publications in the UK, whether it’s trade, national or premium.

Which news outlet have you found the most interesting?

When I moved to London for my PR degree I subscribed to The Telegraph, which I enjoy for more general reading.  Once I started my internship with 3THINKRS, I started reading business news a lot. The Financial Times is my current favourite to read specific industry news. My colleague Becca also introduced me to Twitter lists (where you add journalists to a collated list on twitter) during one of our pitch training sessions and I often find some interesting reads from there.

What is the benefit of doing an internship programme?

Exposure to a wide variety of clients has challenged me to expand my knowledge on many topics. I could never be bored doing the same task because I had such a variety of stories to pitch. This also allowed me to change my approach to finding media opportunities, which is a useful skill to learn

What’s been the most fun you’ve had during your time with 3THINKS?

Work hard, play hard! PR is a fast-paced industry. But it is fun too. It includes fabulous fun-filled evenings to celebrate teamwork and build relationships. Building relationships is especially important and we had some fun events, like our darts evening and awards ceremonies, where I got to know my co-workers closely, whom I could reach out to for guidance whenever I needed it.

By Sruthy Sreenivasan

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