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Published 30/06/2021 / THOUGHTS

Reducing the need to “fight or flight” in a fast-paced industry

Delivering in fast-paced industries no doubt raises cortisol levels. We activate our “fight or flight” system to enable us to handle stressful situations.  A short-term spike fuels us. It propels us towards delivery. Yet, raised levels over the long term contribute to health issues.

To reduce stress and improve mental wellness in our industry, we must focus on shifting working practices. Accepting that the workforce is a team of individuals, a collective of opposites. All of whom, perform at their best at different times of day, in different settings and who respond to different styles of coaching.

When I quit my job in search of something new, I learnt a lot about myself. The freedom to work whenever I wanted, taught me a lot.  I discovered when I performed at my best. When I could produce content at a speed four times quicker than usual. How I could unlock ideas when I stopped trying. It got me thinking. How could I use the lessons about my journey, and ensure others could benefit? 

So, I embarked on many lock-down walks with my twin sister, who is a former world champion Thai-Boxer. And, now a wellness coach for leaders in organisations like CapGemini, HSBC and Arla. We talked about how different working practices can inadvertently raise cortisol levels for some individuals, reducing their ability to perform at their peak. Rachael has helped me consider how to build a team that is centred on supporting mental wellness.

3THINKRS is on a mission to see if we can build a new way in our industry. To build a culture that proactively supports and enables mental wellness.

Our focus is on enabling our team to work at their peak performance. We will be supported by the brilliant team at WorkAthlete.

If you have ideas, tips, advice, please do share.

Let’s drive proactive change in our industry.

By Ruth Jones

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