Life as a Graduate in a Pop-up Workplace

Published 06/12/2022 / THOUGHTS

How have you found the transition from study to first job and the world of work?  

Before graduating, the thought of entering the world of full-time work intimidated me. After 3 years of studying, I wasn’t sure if I was prepared for the 9-5 lifestyle. I was so used to working on my own accord – even if this meant being in the library at 3am, or finishing deadlines the day before… 

But then I saw a job advertised for 3THINKRS. Talk of flexible working and ‘Work from Anywhere’ policies really intrigued me. I was keen to be able to work to my own schedule and 3T offered just that. As a result, my transition from study to my first ‘big girl job’ has been great. I can work from anywhere, at my own speed, and my manager and colleagues are in support of this! 

How do you think hybrid work has benefitted you? The pros and cons- use examples here if you can.   

3THINKRS adopt a hybrid working approach. Working from home (or wherever I happen to be) gives me the freedom to work in the comfort of my own home, in a local café, or even another country. I’m sure everyone can agree that two years of lockdowns was enough, and I’m thrilled to be working for a company that will allow me to embark on the adventures I missed out on, all while working at the same time! 

The cons of hybrid working? For me, it’s not being able to see my co-workers more. I love sharing a coffee and a catch-up, which isn’t always the same via Teams. I also miss the commute to work. It forces me to get some fresh air before my working day. Therefore, I try my best to get out of the house for a quick walk before the day starts as a sort of ‘fake commute’. 

What is the best thing about office days?  

This follows onto the best thing about office days – being able to catch up, gossip and mingle with my colleagues face to face. When I haven’t seen them for a week or so, it’s always great to hear what everyone’s been up to! 

Another thing to add is exploring different co-working locations. Even though I certainly have my favourites, I enjoy working from a range of spaces. It keeps office days exciting and mixes things up! 

What do you enjoy about 3Thinkrs culture/working practices? 

Team wellbeing is priority. One 3THINKRS policy which proves this is ‘The Morning After’ which lets us shorten our working day if necessary. Whether it’s because I don’t feel great, or just need a few extras zzzs – this policy ensures my energy is protected. It’s okay, to not be okay! And the 3THINKRS culture most definitely embraces that.  

What is your favourite part of the job and why?  

The culture of trust is the best part of the job. Not only do I feel trusted by senior leaders, but I also feel valued. I feel this drives me to work harder for both myself, and my team. All in all, creating great working relationships and atmosphere!


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