Ski to work – the strangest and most beautiful commute I’ve ever done

Published 06/04/2023 / THOUGHTS

With all the flexible working adventures that I have experienced at 3THINKRS, I have discovered a lot about the way I work best, and there have been many lessons learnt along the way.  

Communication is everything, adaptability is key, and internet connection is essential. Having the freedom to work abroad inspires my creativity and supports my wellbeing. Having new and exciting experiences and taking in foreign settings, helps me think outside the box and makes me feel more engaged and motivated. But there are still unprecedented situations that put a spanner in the works that myself and the team must respond to.

Last week I was lucky enough to go skiing. I skied for a few days and worked remotely for a few. This allowed me to go away for longer and really make the most of being in the Alps. It was all going smoothly, until one afternoon I missed the last lift and ended up stranded in Avoriaz (I was not staying in Avoriaz!). Luckily, I was able to stay overnight with a friend, after a small panic that I might have to fight off the wolves and the frostbite.  

But the major problem was that I had work the next day. I got in touch with my manager, who told me to make sure I was safe, and then try and get back to my laptop in the morning, as soon as I could. So, the next morning, I woke up fresh and early and skied back as the first lifts opened. Putting aside the stress of getting stranded overnight and having to rush back in the morning, I realised this had to be the strangest and most beautiful commute I’d ever done.  

Once I was back, I quickly got online and started my workday, making up the bit of time lost at the end of the day. In situations like this, clear communication is vital, to make sure the team know what is going on. I am particularly grateful to be working at 3THINKRS, where the flexibility and adaptability mean something like this doesn’t throw off my entire workday. The flexible working policies have also nurtured my ability to adapt to unforeseen situations and take them in my stride so that the team are not impeded, and I can still achieve my peak performance.  


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