The Morning After

Published 08/10/2021 / News

We are working on formalising the 3THINKRS Way!! 

I’ve had the displeasure of writing our company handbook.

I must admit, I never was one for HR. I purposefully avoided reading company handbooks. I know. I know. There was a time when I was supposed to implement such policy.

We are a new agency striving for peak performance. We believe time out, is just as important as time in. That awards are won by energised teams. We believe there is a new way. The 3THINKRS Way!  And, I have to say, I did rather enjoy formalising some of our policies.

We are working on formalising the 3THINKRS Way!! 

So, a little glimpse into our policies….

POP UP WORKING: Explore London with us! We Pop Up in different locations.  We get together, work together, gossip, train and laugh together. Then we work from, well wherever we like.   

CHOOSE YOUR ADVENTURE: Your performance is important to us. We will work with you to help you find your peak. Find your stride, your uniqueness. We will wrap kit, tips, and trips around you. We help you define your career aspirations and deliver against them.

TEAM TIME OUT: Time out, is as valuable as time in. Medals are won when energy is high. We work hard together. We also take time out when we need. We’ve formalised our time out policies. They’re designed to protect employees. To make it okay, to not be okay.

THE MORNING AFTER: We are formalising, the morning after. Making it okay, to shorten the workday occasionally. It’s designed for the times when you really need them. When the day just needs to be that little bit shorter.

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By Ruth Jones

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