Tech unicorn’s market launch in EMEA, grabbing SOV and supporting growth

Published 16/07/2023 / CASE STUDY

You only get one chance to launch your business in a new market. And, in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of SaaS, first impressions count. 

CMO Ed Brice realised how important this was when he briefed us to build awareness of tech unicorn FloQast’s accountancy automation software within EMEA, as it opened its new London HQ in 2021. 

Building brand presence in EMEA

PR activities have helped to build brand equity in EMEA, funnelling FloQast’s key messages to their target audience swiftly, to accelerate commercial opportunity.

  • 77 pieces of coverage and gaining momentum – Coverage in H1 2023 has almost doubled from H1 2022
  • Placement in national targets such as The Financial Times, Raconteur and WorkLife
  • 50 million unique website visits to FloQast’s coverage
  • 70% coverage in targeted finance, fintech and accountancy media

‘Month end’ messaging to the fore

In a crowded market, your unique point of difference needs to cut through. For FloQast, its initial focus was on the month-end close: the most stressful time for accountants as they rush to collate invoices and receipts from untold employees across countless departments. Since then a compliance solution has broadened its offering to help organisations derive value from this often neglected business function.

The power of easing compliance and other day-to-day accounting processes, using an automated cloud-based platform, had already won FloQast an impressive roster of clients in the US. As a privately held business, its July 2021 valuation of $1.2B, gave it fabled ‘tech unicorn’ status. 

Our task was to amplify these messages in the EMEA market, building FloQast’s profile among potential clients. 

A relatable approach

Our approach for FloQast put accountants’ pain points front and centre. 

We emotively positioned it as a liberating innovator, relieving the stresses and inefficiencies of outdated processes, through the power of automation, and digitalisation. 

Our primary targets were tier-one national and trade press, offering:

  • Thought leadership articles – to deliver key brand messages to the heart of the accountancy sector
  • Owned space – creating unique UK accountancy industry insights through research
  • Feature contributions – to build relevance and expert profile
  • Rapid response commentary on breaking finance news – to drive brand profile and credibility among the C-suite

Raising the bar 

In addition to tier one trade opportunities, we identified a unique opportunity to position FloQast’s CEO in national media.

PBC is a unique innovation and the brainchild of FloQast CEO and Co-Founder Mike Whitmire. A fully fledged web series, the show uses comedy to connect with FloQast’s target audience whilst breaking down perceptions of the industry as being dull and boring. 

3THINKRS leveraged this unusual marketing initiative to secure national coverage for FloQast CEO, positioning the brand as an innovative reformer of the accountancy sector. The mini campaign resulted in an interview with The Financial Times and a podcast with leading publication B2B Marketing.

Customer confidence

“Businesses across all sectors are increasingly seeing the potential that AI and automation can bring to their productivity – so this really is a watershed moment for FloQast. 

“Finance professionals across the US are already championing our product, but – as with all sectors – the culture in one territory can have subtle differences to others, and we wanted to be mindful of that when we launched in EMEA. 

“3THINKRS expertly explained the nuance of navigating a new market and identifying opportunities to build awareness.” 

Kyle Cabodi, Director, Corporate Communications, FloQast


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