The Best Things about Working at 3THINKRS | My One Year in Review  

Published 21/09/2023 / THOUGHTS

Things are slightly different at 3THINKRS. It was just my first day when CEO, Ruth Jones, invited me on a 5-day ‘bleisure’ trip to Center Parcs. Alongside a bunch of colleagues, I’d barely even met.   

From the get-go it’s fair to say that 3THINKRS offered a refreshing – albeit unconventional – approach to working life. And the Center Parcs trip certainly set the precedent of what was to come. 

It’s been a year since joining the team and what a year it’s been. Here are some of my 3THINKRS highlights so far… 

1)What’s the one piece of national coverage you’re most proud of?  

Helping to secure Informatica’s CEO, Amit Walia, a slot on CNBC’s highly acclaimed Squawk Box was a highlight. Squawk Box is the ultimate “pre-market” morning news programme, where the biggest names in business tell their most important stories.  

During the 9-minute interview, Amit discussed his thoughts and experience in public vs private ownership, the status of AI and much more. This was a fantastic piece of national coverage and a programme that Amit had been super keen to appear on.  

Oh, and it was the second time 3THINKRS had secured Informatica a CNBC broadcast slot within just three months… 

2)What’s the topic of the best newsjack, you’ve helped to facilitate so far? And, where did you land coverage?   

Newsjacking is all about tactically inserting your brand name into trending conversations. That’s why my favourite newsjacks are the ones planned around economic data releases.  

Each month we newsjack interest rates, inflation, and even GDP figures. With thorough planning we have inserted our clients’ expertise and authority into the breaking news agenda. By gaining approval on comment before the all-important statistics are released means you can distribute comment at speed, reaching publications before the majority. 

These newsjacks allow us to secure mentions in Reuters, Sky News, Dow Jones, CNN and more. 

3)What’s your best 3THINKRS moment so far?  

Winning two awards, in different locations, on the same night was a great moment. The team split into two groups so that we could attend both events and bagged ‘Best New Agency’ at the PRCA Dare Awards 2023 South East and ‘Best New Marketing, Advertising and PR Agency’ at the Start Up Awards.  

The double win was a credit to the team’s hard work, day in and day out. And it felt great to see our work being recognised across the industry.  

4)Who is your favourite colleague and why?   

Not a colleague, however Ruth’s mum is our biggest cheerleader. You can always count on Catherine to send us support – liking and commenting on absolutely everything we post. We love it! 

5)What’s the biggest PR blunder you’ve seen so far? And, what would you love to tell them?  

Gillian Keegan’s recent “hot mic” blunder is up there. The education secretary was caught venting her frustrations on television after 100 schools were ordered to close due to crumbling concrete. Keegan’s short but sweary rant, at the end of her ITV interview, asked why she wasn’t being congratulated for doing a good job.  

The one golden rule here is to assume you are on the record from the minute you walk in, to the minute you walk out of the building. Keegan’s outburst is a great example of poor, or no, media training. Preparing spokespeople for a successful media appearance is key, and that includes reminding them that nothing is off the record. 

6)What are the benefits of hybrid/nomadic working?  

Flexibility, freedom, and an improved work-life balance. Being able to work from anywhere really is a blessing – and has allowed me to work from cafés in Bristol, to London libraries, and even offices in Valencia and Frankfurt. As a digital nomad, I have been able to say “yes” to more. As long as I have my laptop and a stable Wi-Fi connection – the world is (pretty much) my oyster, allowing me to embark on adventures all while working at the same time. 


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