The secrets of co-working success

Published 30/08/2022 / THOUGHTS

Co-working is on trend. It’s a working style where individuals share an office space but work independently. Globally, the number of co-working spaces is forecast to double by 2024 from 2021. And, according to studies, co-workers are much more likely to thrive at work compared to those who work in traditional workplaces.  

So, what makes co-working so effective and popular?

1. Complete flexibility 

You can hire a desk or a completely furnished private office in a co-working space, and you’ll have access to amenities as well as the flexibility to quickly expand or scale down your requirements. People can work together in a common area or an office setting, so it really does provide maximum flexibility and gives you control of your workspace. 

2. Productivity in public  

We think that co-working is the secret to a contented workforce, which in turn increases productivity. Coming into an open office facilitates connections and results in people being more motivated. It gives employers and employees an opportunity to talk and communicate much more easily, ironing out any concerns quickly and helping staff complete workloads more efficiently.  

Bringing people together helps creativity and innovation.

3. The Big Idea 

Bringing people together helps creativity and innovation. Co-working spaces foster innovation since they offer a setting for all kinds of workers.  

These attributes are essential to success, despite the fact that they might seem less significant than more conventional qualities like timeliness or the capacity for analysis.  

4. An opportunity for networking and meeting new people  

Co-working spaces are full of people at work. This sounds obvious, but everyone is there for a common purpose which makes it easier to connect or have a chat. Working in open collaborative office spaces, puts you into a shared environment with other professionals so it’s easier to network or simply meet other people in different professions. 

5. A workspace to meet your needs 

Giving teams the adaptable workspace they require to complete tasks can improve teamwork and workplace morale. New ideas can be generated by spending time in a co-working space away from the office or home.  

The fact that socialising is voluntary and not coerced is crucial. When and how members interact with one another is up to them. Shared facilities make it easier to find quiet spaces for meetings or a coffee if wanted and employee interactions can be held more discreetly, when needed.  

6. A sense of belonging and purpose 

Co-working is more than just a place to work. While WiFi and a workstation are necessary, most people already have these items at home. So, why do people choose these spaces? 

In a nutshell, it’s the human element, the sense of community and belonging. The phrase “Welcome Home” at the entrance of our favourite SPACES office in Victoria, London, sums it up nicely. 

By Ania Forget-Dennieau

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