The Ten Most Relevant B2B Marketing, Sales & PR Reports You Need to Read  

Published 18/01/2023 / THOUGHTS

Finding profitable growth in 2023, will be a challenging task for every B2B organisation. It will mean navigating profound uncertainty and conflicting macroeconomic pressures. For marketing, sales, and PR teams, it will heighten the need to demonstrate the return on investment on every pound spent.  

This report is the second in a series of three pieces of work by 3THINKRS exploring the state of play in Marketing, Sales & PR. The topic is explored through the lens of industry research and market analysis. We aim to support CMOs in their pursuit of driving profitable growth, building future-proof brands, and adapting to changing conditions. 

This report summarises the top three takeaways from the most relevant marketing, sales, and PR reports of the last year. These reports were published by analysts, consultancies, agencies, and tool vendors. The content explores everything from the voice of the CEO to CMO challenges and the potential avenues for growth. 

Credits to Contentsquare, EY, Gartner, Content Marketing Institute, Hubspot, Just Connecting, Edelman, Muck Rack, McKinsey Growth, Marketing & Sales and Roxhill, for the insights.  

Click here to access the report (no contact details required to view the full report). 


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