Top Ten Tech Podcasts 

Published 29/09/2023 / THOUGHTS

In the fast-paced world of the technology industry, staying up to date with the latest innovations, developments and trends can be a challenge. 

But for marketing professionals, staying abreast of industry developments is critical if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Being informed is not just a choice – it’s a strategic imperative.  

This National Podcast Day, we’ve collated a list of leading tech-podcasts to help keep your fingers on the pulse of the tech landscape. From podcasts which focus on daily developments and thought-leadership interviews, to podcasts which take a wider view of how technology is changing our personal and working lives, this list has it all.  

  • BBC – Tech Life

Tech Life is a BBC podcast that explores how technology is changing our lives around the world. The show features interviewees who have innovative ideas for rethinking the way we work, learn, and play. The hosts also get hands-on with the products these innovators create. Tech Life holds tech giants accountable for their power to affect our lives and asks who wins and who loses in the technology transformation. The podcast is a guide to the future being made and remade at lightning speed in front of our eyes. 

  • Wired – Gadget Lab 

The Gadget Lab podcast by WIRED has been running for over a decade and covers the latest gadgets, apps, and services that listeners need to know about. Hosted by Lauren Goode and Michael Calore, the show features discussions on topics such as smartphones, smart homes, health tech, and cryptocurrency, as well as interviews with experts in the tech industry. Recent episodes have covered topics such as the local-first computing movement, the impact of Apple’s latest changes, and the rise of peer-to-peer apps in the farm-to-table movement.

  • Financial Times – Tech Tonic 

Tech Tonic is a podcast produced by the Financial Times that explores the benefits and downfalls of our increasingly technology-driven world. The podcast is presented by John Thornhill and investigates the promises and perils of this new technological age. Tech Tonic is one of the many podcasts produced by the Financial Times, including Behind the Money, FT News Briefing, and FT Weekend

  • Bloomberg Intelligence – Tech Disruptors 

The Tech Disruptors podcast by Bloomberg Intelligence features conversations with thought leaders and management teams on disruptive trends. Cloud, e-commerce, AI, cybersecurity, streaming, 5G, advertising, automation, EVs, cryptocurrency, finance, AR/VR and the metaverse are among the subjects explored in this series.  

  • The Evening Standard – Tech & Science Daily 

The Evening Standard’s Tech and Science Daily is a daily podcast that delivers the latest news from the world of science and technology in a short seven-minute audio package. The podcast is an experimental format that aims to provide all the headlines and stories that listeners need to know. Produced by the Evening Standard’s audio team, they have been nominated for 11 UK and international industry awards in 2020 alone.  

  • Harvard Business Review – Exponential View  

The Exponential View podcast is hosted by Azeem Azhar, an entrepreneur and investor who is also the creator of a highly regarded newsletter on the future. The podcast focuses on the biggest technology issues facing society today and, in the future, and includes conversations with leading thinkers and practitioners in the field of technology. Topics discussed include the impact of technology on business and society, the winners and losers of technological advancements, and the future of cities, labour markets, and the semiconductor business. 

  • LinkedIn Big Technology Podcast 

The Big Technology Podcast is a series that takes listeners behind the scenes in the tech world, featuring interviews with insiders and outside agitators. The podcast is hosted by Alex Kantrowitz, a veteran tech journalist who has covered the industry for years and is part of the LinkedIn Podcast Network. It covers a range of topics related to big tech and society, including AI research labs, how big tech incumbents would respond, and what types of AI startups would break through.  

  • This Week in Tech – TWiT 

This Week in Tech is a weekly flagship technology podcast from The podcast is hosted by Leo Laporte and a roundtable of tech journalists and experts who discuss current tech news, trends, and niche topics in the tech industry. The show covers a wide range of tech news, from the latest personal tech to industry forecasts, policies and politics, international relations, and global trends. It is streamed live on Sunday and has won two Podcast Awards, as both the “People’s Choice” and as “Best Technology Podcast”. The show has also made Time Magazine’s Top 10 Podcasts of 2006, ranked 9th.  

  • Computer Weekly – Downtime Upload 

The Computer Weekly Downtime Upload podcast is a weekly show from the Computer Weekly team which takes a light-hearted look at the week in tech. It covers a range of topics related to technology, including video messaging, IT strategy, and the European General Data Protection Regulation. . The podcast also features interviews with experts in the tech industry, such as the global IT director of Travelex and Vimeo‘s chief product officer.  

  • Tech Talks Daily  

 Tech Talks Daily is a daily podcast hosted by Neil C. Hughes that features interviews with tech leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, technologists, thought leaders, and celebrities from various industries.  The podcast aims to provide real-world examples of how technology is transforming businesses and reshaping industries, and discusses tech trends such as AI, machine learning, 5G, IoT, AR, VR blockchain, crypto, and digital transformation strategies. The guests share their road to success, startup stories, and how technology has transformed their business and life. 

From BBC’s ‘Tech Life’, which explores global technological transformations, to “Tech Disruptors” by Bloomberg Intelligence, dissecting disruptive trends, each of these podcasts offers unique insights into the technology industry. They’re great tools for professionals in the B2B technology industry – and we think they’re also an interesting listen.  


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