¡Viva Mexico!

Published 15/02/2023 / News

Our account exec Hana recently came back from her latest flexible working adventure in Mexico. 💃🌮 

At 3THINKRS we recognise the value of working your own way. We believe it boosts your happiness and helps us reach our peak work performance. Encouraging new experiences and travelling to new places nurtures creativity and supports our wellbeing.  

Read all about Hana’s experience in her blog below!

Why did you choose Mexico for your next adventure? 

I studied Spanish in school and have always wanted to travel in Latin America, so when my cousin decided to do her year abroad in Mexico, I knew I had to visit. My cousin is studying at a university in Monterrey, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to work remotely. The university library had great Wi-Fi and an incredible view. And hanging out with my cousin and her friends, I got to practice my Spanish, learn to salsa, go on stunning hikes and eat a large quantity of tacos. Oh, and it was warm while it was cold and rainy in England – no brainer! 

How does travel help you reach your peak performance?  

Working in foreign settings nurtures my creativity and boosts my motivation. It makes me so happy to be travelling, and that translates into my work. I feel more engaged and inspired to think outside of the box. Being in a different time zone also ensures that I am communicating and reporting better and planning my schedule further in advance.  

You love to work and travel. Why?   

Any chance I get to see beautiful scenery, experience new cultures, and eat delicious food, I’ll take it. Having the flexibility to work from anywhere (with internet) allows me to seize every opportunity to travel and stay for longer. Working abroad or on the go can be logistically stressful at times, but it’s so worth it to be somewhere new and exciting.  

What is best thing you experienced in Mexico? 

On the weekend we went into the mountains and went rock climbing. Climbing outdoors is always exciting, but these mountains were particularly dramatic. The rock formation was so different to any I’d climbed before, so it was a fun challenge, and it was great to chat to the locals that climb there regularly.


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