WFH Positivity Vibes

Published 10/12/2021 / THOUGHTS

“It’s nice meeting you,” it feels great to say, don’t you think?

Over the last few months at 3THINKRS, our Pop-Up offices have given us a perfect balance. A time to explore London workspaces. A time to sit next to colleagues. To meet clients. Equally, a time to work from our favourite cafés, our bedroom, our parent’s houses, or from different countries.

The WFH ‘Breaking News Alert’ wasn’t welcome news. It was though, (unfortunately) expected.  So, we are sending some positivity vibes around our team, as we get back into the work from home vibe.

Let’s Lean in with Positivity 

At 3THINKRS we put positivity first. So, for inspiration. Here are five things we will strive to do, every day, to get those positivity vibes out there.

  1. Crack a joke – yes, zoom meetings are less fun. And, if we are not careful, work can become transactional when remote. So, find your best jokes and bring humour to virtual meetings.
  • Be flexible – pulling everyone onto an 8.30am meeting does not garner a team spirit. Cortisol levels will be raised when you make people feel uncomfortable first thing. People work in different ways, so give them the space to do so.
  • Be positive – we feel happy around happy people. So, leaders must stay positive and pass on the smiles to other people throughout the day – the team will be happier for it.
  • Ask better questions? – if you ask someone “how are you?”, chances are they say “fine, thanks”. That’s not a real answer! Find a way to get a real answer. I ask people what their happiness score is for the day. Out of 10 how happy are you and why– it’s a good way to get a conversation started.   
  • Go on a walk – a simple one, but fresh air is essential to a good mindset. And, walking (running) is good for physical fitness. It’s important to keep moving, even when it’s raining.

Let’s make this work from home time a time to prioritise ourselves. And, find our stride to meet our peak performance.  A few thoughts from our team.

“I know I work at my best after I’ve spent a bit of time outside. I’ll admit it – I will miss the commute into the office because I loved getting up and getting outside. So, during WFH I will make sure I get up and have a quick walk before I start my day.” – Gracie, Graduate Account Executive

“I work best when I have my days planned out. Ruth got us planners when we started on the Grad Scheme, and I like to spend a bit of time in the morning planning out my tasks for the day – all colour coded of course!” – Hana, Graduate Account Executive

“Bizarrely (for those that know me!), 5.30am to 7.30am is my most productive time! Never something I experienced until founding 3THINKRS in lockdown. It allows be to be more available for the team in the morning. Plus, walking for two hours a day, keeps my positivity vibes up and vestibular dizziness at bay.” – Ruth, Founder

By Ruth Jones

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