Working from Amsterdam

Published 09/06/2022 / THOUGHTS

What’s the one lesson you learnt whilst working there? 

Communication! I’m definitely still learning to hone this skill. Working remotely, it can be difficult to schedule and prioritise work. The more effectively I communicate, the easier work becomes to manage. I sometimes feel as though I’m bombarding my team but have found that they prefer a constant flow of communication. Dropping someone a Slack message never hurt anyone! I have also found it useful to have a quick 10-minute call before starting an unfamiliar task, even with a written brief where things can be miscommunicated.

How does working in Amsterdam differ to working remotely in the UK? 

Working remotely in the UK, I find that I get a bit too comfortable working from home. I might pop out for a walk, but I don’t often get a change of scenery. Working in Amsterdam I sought out cafés, libraries, and hotels to work in, always mixing it up. It’s a different way to explore a foreign city and I found myself quickly becoming familiar with it. It was exciting just to know that I was working abroad, soaking in the atmosphere and getting inspired by the people I met, their fashion, the beauty of the canals and architecture. And when I logged off for the day, I was already on holiday!

What was your biggest work achievement?

I always find it satisfying landing coverage, as I enjoy seeing the whole process through from writing a pitch to a journalist, to making calls, to writing the article, and finally seeing it published. This can sometimes take a while, so it’s great to nurture it from start to finish. While I was in Amsterdam, one of our clients wanted to expand their media presence into the APAC market. I researched journalists and compiled media lists for various countries, wrote and sent out pitches, and landed the client their first pieces of APAC coverage. They were delighted and it made me realise how much I’ve learned since I started working at 3THINKRS – and how my confidence has grown so that I felt well equipped to carry this out.

What’s the one lesson you learnt whilst working there? 

Go for it! It seemed daunting at first, but it was a crazy experience from day one. Having the structure of work helped me feel comfortable straight away. I had a routine and it made me feel like I was living in Amsterdam, rather than just visiting.

It is worth making sure you don’t have any logistical issues causing you stress, so do your research. Read up on things like visas, travel restrictions, accommodation, and transport links, but also the fun stuff like activities, festivals, and events. The more you know before you go, the more you’ll get out of the experience.

And make sure you have Wi-Fi!

What’s the best thing you saw in Amsterdam? 

King’s Day is an annual celebration for the Dutch King’s birthday. It’s a public holiday, and about a million people take over the streets of Amsterdam to celebrate. The canals have traffic jams of party boats and people set up speakers and DJ decks out of second floor windows. The most striking part of King’s Day is that everybody wears the colour of the Dutch royal family – orange. Everyone was wearing bright orange clothes, face paint, wigs, lays, hats, and even little orange coats for their dogs. It was an incredible sight!

By Hana Peacefield

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