AI continues to take the marketing world by storm

Published 24/03/2023 / FRESH INK

Surprise, surprise – AI continues to take the marketing world by storm.  

Say, hello to Bard. Here to enhance productivity, creativity, and curiosity.  

Have a read for more stats and insights on what technologies are impacting marketing, social and PR. And, why the Clock’s Tiktoking!  

You’ve Got GM-AI-L  

Google’s long-awaited AI chatbot is here – Bard. The move is the company’s attempt to make up lost ground in the AI race and is a bid to compete with Open AI’s popular Chat GPT. With Google also rolling out AI-powered writing features in Docs and Gmail to trusted testers, it’s clear that they are betting big on AI. 

The Guardian – Google’s Bard chatbot launches in US and UK 

You’ve Got a Friend in AI  

When it comes to mastering your B2B content, AI can help. Topic and keyword generation will help you identify what your customers are searching for, so you can create tailored content. Think of AI as a friend, not a foe and boost your SEO. 

Marketing Brew – Benefits of AI in content marketing 

Seize the Data 

Successful B2B companies recognise the importance of an effective data strategy – they are twice as likely to report a growth of 20% or more in the past year. To build a stronger data strategy, B2B marketers must implement an integrated approach and normalize the use of data across their organisation. 

MarTech Series – Good Data Strategies are the key to Higher B2B Marketing Performance 

The Clock’s Tiktoking  

The possibility of a TikTok ban in the US is growing, and marketers and agency executives are readying contingency plans. Though the ban will likely have less impact on B2B companies, the ripple effects may shake up both the social media industry and social media legislation. It’s worth keeping an eye on developments.  

Digiday – Marketing Briefing: U.S. marketers prepare contingency plans amid potential TikTok ban

AI optimism  

60% of B2B marketers view the adoption of AI in marketing as positive. The main uses of the technology are for targeting (40%), personalisation (36%), and chatbots and virtual assistants (33%). With more and more AI providers to choose from, it’s safe to say AI is here to stay. 

MarTech – AI is used in marketing by two thirds of B2B orgs, Forrester finds 


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