LinkedIn Collaborative Articles, The Economist’s Espresso & Brand Building   

Published 22/03/2024 / FRESH INK

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles Project has hit 10 million pages  

A sign that AI, ML, and human expertise can help you grab share of search. The project was designed to pull in searches for expert opinions that would have otherwise veered off to the likes of Reddit. However, Reddit is probably not complaining given its strong market debut yesterday. 💰 

There’s also a win for The Economist’s Espresso Hit – its slimmed down digital package has seen a remarkable 74% year-on-year growth. ☕️ 

There’re more in Fresh Ink covering:  

👷 How PR pros can combat misinformation with always-on brand building.  

🗡️ Why using five tactics will sharpen B2B sales, as opposed to deploying just one.  

👪 How customer advocacy programs could benefit from a change in LinkedIn Ads. 

🤖 How YouTube is trying to put a stop to manipulated visuals impacting electoral votes. 

Combatting Misinformation with Always-On Brand Building    

Always-on ‘brand building’, maintaining a continuous cycle of listening and storytelling, and combatting misinformation through authenticity, are the top priorities for PR pros according to Cision. Its report talks to why technology is a double-edged sword: On one hand, it makes it easier to spread fake news stories that damage audience perception and potentially the bottom line. On the other hand, digital tools can enable PR teams to anticipate issues as they arise, and halt misinformation.  

Cision – PR in the Age of Misinformation  

Economist’s Espresso Hit – A Shot of News for Younger Readers 

The Economist has successfully attracted younger readers by offering a cut-price Espresso digital edition, which experienced a remarkable 74% year-on-year growth to gain an average of 21,775 subscribers per day. It has an Espresso price too – for £7.90 per month readers can enjoy five articles each day, four longer reads weekly, and a daily podcast. That’s compared to the usual £19.90 digital edition. The Economist noted a 7% increase in digital-only subscriptions as a result.  

Press Gazette – The Economist is attracting younger readers with cut-price Espresso digital edition  

Customer Advocacy for LinkedIn Ads Coming End of March  

LinkedIn is expanding the scope of its Thought Leader Ads capabilities, so that organisations can sponsor content from any member, not just employees. A brand can search for 1st or 2nd degree connections and post the content they want to sponsor. The creator can ‘approve’ or ‘deny’ the request to prevent misuse. But, come the end of March, brands can tap into a wider array of voices, including customers and industry experts, enabling them to utilise trusted voices beyond their own employees.  

LinkedIn – Companies can now promote member content with LinkedIn Thought Leader Ads  

Five Tactics to Sharpen B2B Sales by McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales Practice 

B2B companies leveraging five key tactics are twice as likely to achieve market share growth of ten percent or more compared to those using just one strategy, according to McKinsey’s Growth, Marketing & Sales practice. These strategies include “omnichannel sales teams; advanced sales technology and automation; data analytics and hyperpersonalisation; tailored strategies on third-party marketplaces; and e-commerce excellence across the full marketing and sales funnel”.   

McKinsey – Next-gen B2B sales: How three game changers grabbed the opportunity  

LinkedIn’s SEO Win as Collaborative Articles Hit 10 Million Pages  

LinkedIn’s SEO strategy of leveraging AI, machine learning, and human expertise to grab share of search, by positioning members as industry experts and pulling would-be Reddit traffic into the platform, seems to be paying off. It has now created 10 million pages of expert content and achieved a 270% jump in readership since September 2023. The benefit of contributing is that anyone planning to promote a service or product has the opportunity to demonstrate their skills, expertise, and authoritativeness. 

Search Engine Journal – How LinkedIn Unlocked a Genius SEO Strategy with AI  

YouTube’s New Regulations Combatting AI Confusion 

YouTube’s new regulations are trying to combat instances of generated images causing confusion – or political campaigns employing manipulated visuals to influence voter opinions. The platform has introduced AI Disclosure Requirements, a new feature in its Creator Studio that mandates creators to reveal when they upload lifelike content created using AI tools. Despite this being a proactive step in combatting AI misinformation, there is growing concern surrounding its long-term effectiveness. 

Social Media Today – YouTube Launches AI Disclosure Requirements  


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