The fastest-growing news site, Data Analysis Dilemma & Einstein Copilot

Published 08/03/2024 / FRESH INK

MSN, New York Times, Google News, and CNN are the most popular news sites right now. 

LinkedIn’s latest distribution algorithm is prioritising quality over quantity.  

And, Marc Benioff on why Einstein Copilot is the only Copilot with the ability to truly understand customer relationships.  

There’s that and more in Fresh Ink this week.  

🗞️ BBC Is the Most Visited News Site, but CNN is Fastest Growing 

💰 Google Paying Publishers to Use Its AI 

📊 Marketers Face Data Analysis Dilemma Due to Skills Gap 

💎 Quality Over Quantity for LinkedIn’s Feed Algorithm 

💭 An Hour A Day, Keeps the B2B Buyer at Bay 

📱 Social Media Surpasses 5 billion Users Globally 

🤖 Salesforce Announces New AI Assistant 

BBC Is the Most Visited News Site, but CNN is Fastest Growing  

The BBC was the most visited news site in the world in January, topping the 1 billion visit-threshold according to Press Gazette’s updated ranking. The rest of the list was unchanged from December, with MSN, New York Times, Google News, and CNN topping the chart.  Newsweek was the fastest-growing site year-on-year at 82.7%. And, CNN the fastest-growing site month-on-month, up 7.2%.  

Press Gazette – Top 50 biggest news websites in the world: CNN fastest-growing top ten news website in January  

Google Paying Publishers to Use Its AI  

Google is paying independent publishers to test an unreleased generative artificial intelligence platform, according to AdWeek. The AI tools primary use will be indexing published reports from government agencies or news outlets, before summarising and publishing them. In return, publishers will provide Google with analytical feedback and produce a fixed volume of content over 12 months. 

AdWeek – Google Is Paying Publishers to Test an Unreleased Gen AI Platform  

Marketers Face Data Analysis Dilemma Due to Skills Gap 

Marketers are facing a significant skills gap in data analysis, with 36.9% highlighting it as the most critical issue, surpassing other key skills like performance marketing and content writing. To address this gap, businesses are hiring new employees with the needed expertise, training existing staff, or engaging external help like consultancies and freelancers. However, only a small percentage of businesses are conducting skills audits to find long-term solutions. 

Marketing Week – Marketers point to data analysis as biggest skills gap in teams, survey says  

Quality Over Quantity for LinkedIn’s Feed Algorithm 

LinkedIn is prioritising quality over quantity, as the latest feed algorithm updates highlights a shift towards valuable, evergreen content in an attempt to limit clickbait content. Recent changes include a focus on creating meaningful engagement with the correct users. And, delivering valuable content, to share knowledge with a targeted community based on identity, content relevance, and member activity.  

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Shares Insights Into Its Latest Feed Algorithm Updates   

An Hour A Day, Keeps the B2B Buyer at Bay  

52% of B2B decision makers and 54% of C-level executives spend an hour, or more per week reading thought-leadership content, according to Edelman-LinkedIn’s latest report. 73% said that an organisation’s thought-leadership materials are more trustworthy than its marketing materials or product sheets. And, 54% revealed that consistent high-quality content motivates them to explore an organisation’s products or services.  

Edelman/LinkedIn Report – B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report   

Social Media Surpasses 5 billion Users Globally 

There are now 5 billion active daily social media users. That’s an increase of 266 million users in the past year, signifying a shift in the landscape, where the average user now spends around 2hrs 23mins daily on social media. The report also dives into shifts in favoured social media platforms, the rivalry between Instagram and TikTok, and a decrease in TV viewership. 

we are social – Digital 2024 Report 

Salesforce: the ‘only Copilot that understands your customer relationships’. 

Salesforce has launched Einstein Copilot, its new AI assistant. The tool uses client data to power its “reasoning engine” – which informs decisions and problem solving. And, offers pre-programmed capabilities, which automates business tasks when activated by user prompts.  Einstein’s USP, according to Salesforce, is that it’s the ‘only Copilot with the ability to understand your customer relationships’.  

Forbes – Business Tech Roundup: Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot Brings AI To CRM  


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