LinkedIn Invest in News, Enablement Maturity Curve & Canva Creativity

Published 15/03/2024 / FRESH INK

🎨 ‘We’re all designers now’ 🎨

A saying that might raise the eyebrows of creatives! And rightfully so. However, what holds true is that Canva is democratising design, making it more accessible. The platform recently celebrated 50 million users.

🔍 HubSpot delved into the State of Marketing, exploring channel effectiveness. And, why decision-makers are turning to social platforms for search, sales, and service.

📰 On the news front, LinkedIn is doubling down. Collaborating with 400 news publishers. And, it is paying off. WSJ’s careers and leadership newsletter has hit 3 million weekly LinkedIn subscribers. And, CNN PM Plug-In has hit 600,000.

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LinkedIn Invest in News, WSJ Plugs 3 Million Subscribers  

LinkedIn is investing in news as traffic referrals from Facebook and X to news sites take a nosedive. It is working with 400 news publishers globally, to optimise their content across LinkedIn, whether that be through text posts, newsletters, podcasts, or increasingly, video. About 44 million, or 4.4%, of LinkedIn’s member base engage with content weekly in their LinkedIn feeds. Interestingly, WSJ’s careers and leadership newsletter has hit 3 million weekly LinkedIn subscribers. And, CNN PM Plug-In 600,000.  

Axios – LinkedIn doubles down on news as social rivals retreat 

EMEA CMOs behind the Sales Enablement Maturity Curve  

19% of EMEA CMOs are now responsible for sales enablement, up from 10% in 2022, according to Seismic. But, they are still behind their US counterparts when it comes to sales enablement, accountability, and the assignment of ownership to the marketing function. The CMOs that did own sales enablement reported more interactions with their customers before closing the deal than Sales Directors, CROs or CGOs – averaging 12 interactions compared to 9.8 in the other groups.  

Marketing Tech News – Number of CMOs responsible for sales enablement has doubled over the past year  

Canva’s Ethical AI Creation, As it Hits 50 Million Users  

The number of Canva users continues to rise in the workplace, with the average number of presentations created monthly passing 50 million. A jump from 30 million in 2020, and 10 million pre-pandemic. The platform is evolving with demand, recently introducing AI tools like “Magic Studio” and “Magic Switch”. And, Canva remains committed to its creators. It has pledged $200 million to those who agree to let their content train Canva’s AI models.  

Fast Company – Canva’s growth is being driven by a new workplace dynamic: We’re all designers now  

The AI ‘Aha’ Moments in HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report 

The marketing channels delivering the largest ROI are websites/blog/SEO (16%), social media shopping tools e.g. Instagram Shops(16%), paid social media content (14%), email marketing (14%) and content marketing (14%), according to HubSpot’s State of Marketing report. While authentic influencer partnerships are fuelling brand growth – but less is more when it comes to influencers. Businesses are finding the most success with micro-influencers – 47% reporting successful programs.  

HubSpot – State of Marketing Report 

Sprout Social on AI tools to boost marketing efforts 

Sprout Social shares its top 11 tools for AI in marketing. Of course, Sprout Social ranks top for its ‘all-in-one platform that accelerates business impact through social’. But, it does call out some interesting other developments – Keyword Insights has advanced its AI writing assistant if you need help with SEO and catchy introductions. And, Jasper makes it in third place – it offers templates for your marketing content, such as landing pages, emails, and blog posts. And, allows you to create different voices. That’s why we love it.  

Sprout Social – 11 AI marketing tools your team should be using in 2024  


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