Business Chief Relaunch & B2B buyer influences 

Published 15/09/2023 / FRESH INK

You are what you read 

Millennials’ main source of news is online news sites while over-55 year olds prefer TV, according to new data from Reuters Institute which shows how news consumption preferences differ between generations. Meanwhile, 18–24-year-olds cite social media as their main source of news, while news subscriptions are levelling off across the board with only 9% of Britons paying for news. 

Press Gazette – Ten major trends in news consumption publishers need to be thinking about  

The Business Chief US & Canada edition 

Business Chief has relaunched its US & Canada edition, which will be published on a bimonthly basis, and will feature exclusive interviews and articles. They’re also launching two new sister publications – Marketing Chief and Finance Chief – which will be published bimonthly from November. This re-venture into the US market follows in the footsteps of The BBC and The Sun, who have also journeyed across the pond as UK media brands target US growth.  

Business Chief – Launch first-ever edition in US and Canada  

Search Engine Abilities Impact Use of Long-Tail Keywords 

Search engine’s ability to understand user intent and semantic search queries has greatly improved. And, with increased target specificity, long-tail keywords now achieve higher conversion rates than short-tail keywords, making them essential for SEO success. So, marketers must produce content that answers questions and provides in-depth information on a topic, to optimize semantic search.  

Social Media Today – 5 SEO Trends That Have Dominated Online Search in 2023  

The Top Influences for B2B buyers  

Peer recommendations, ratings and reviews, and marketing campaigns are the most influential factors during the B2B buying process, according to research from BigCommerce’s Global B2B Buyer Behaviour report. Therefore, B2B marketers must encourage buyers to review their experience, and focus on leveraging online and offline channels. This will provide B2B buyers with more customer touchpoints and B2B businesses with more opportunities to influence purchase decisions. 

MarTech Cube – Global B2B Buyer Behavior Report: BigCommerce  

Marketing Optimism Prevails  

76% of marketers remain optimistic about the future of the industry, according to eConsultancy’s Future of Marketing report, Marketers’ confidence has been boosted by the possibilities that technological innovations provide. The report also revealed that the highest-performing companies are more likely to invest in developing their employees’ expertise and see customer-centric skills as vital.  

Marketing Tech – Three quarters of marketers’ positive outlook holds steady amid rapid digital acceleration  

The Secret to Social Relevance 

Ensuring organisations stay socially relevant is a key priority for growth. The secret to doing so, is helping brands lean into the cultural moments where there is a strong rationale for them to do so. LinkedIn Collective explores why we need to use data, insights, and an understanding of the market to help show up in a way that’s relevant to our audience.  

LinkedIn – Is Your View of Your Ideal Customer Limiting Your Growth?  


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