Canva’s Magic Studio, LinkedIn’s Accelerate AI Tool & B2B Marketing Alignment

Published 13/10/2023 / FRESH INK

B2B decision-makers run in packs 🏃. And, over half of buyers are taking more time to decide.   

That’s the complex reality of B2B buying today.  Find out more on the buyer’s journey in Fresh Ink. 

It unpacks the latest changes in marketing, PR, and sales: 

📈 LinkedIn’s Accelerate could Fast-Track B2B Growth 

📰 New York Times Responds to X’s Headline Changes 

📝 A trio of B2B Marketing Alignment Powers Performance 

✨ Canva Creates a Magic Studio with AI  

📲 Meta shifts to a Subscription No Ads model

New York Times Responds to X’s Headline Changes 

X will no longer automatically feature headlines in posts containing links. The move could negatively affect the traffic to news sites, which are already impacted by declining referral traffic from the platform. In response, the Washington Post is advising journalists to ensure their ‘share text acts more like a headline and consider selecting relevant images to capture readers. The New York Times is instructing journalists to ‘write the link post copy as if it is the only thing that will be seen’. 

Digiday – ‘What a bozo move’: Publishers react to X update removing headlines from posts  

Meta’s Subscription No Ads – ‘SNA’   

Meta plans to charge Europeans $14 a month to access Instagram and Facebook, if they don’t agree to their digital activity being used to generate targeted personalised ads. The social media platform will roll out the plan – which it calls subscription no ads ‘SNA’– over the coming months, in a bid to navigate European Union roles over user consent and data. Meta will hope it will maximize their revenue potential – but will users be willing to pay to play? 

Social Media Today – Meta Proposes $14 per Month Charge for Ad-Free Facebook  

A trio of B2B Marketing Alignment – Alloy’s Latest Report 

87% of respondents believe their organisations would be more successful if there was a closer alignment between departments, data sharing and marketing insights, according to Alloy’s Technology Marketing report. And, 62% indicated that they have made business decisions based on insights gained from marketing performance, with 55% agreeing this improved their overall performance. 

Alloy – 2023 Annual Technology Marketing Report –  

LinkedIn’s Accelerate could Fast-Track B2B Growth  

LinkedIn’s latest Gen AI tool, Accelerate, automates every step of campaign production, to save marketers time and improve efficiency. The tool provides real-time campaign optimisation, connecting users to live support and offering suggestions for improvement. With this addition, LinkedIn is further establishing itself as a market leader, providing transparency and specialised AI tools in the B2B space. 

Insider Intelligence – LinkedIn introduces genAI campaign creation tool to boost B2B digital advertising growth  

Decisions, decisions 

B2B decision-making is shifting. Purchasing timelines are lengthening, with 20% reporting a significant increase in the time spent reaching a purchase decision. Also, 72% consume at least three pieces of content before making a purchase decision. The most useful type of content depends on the stage of the buyer’s journey, with early stages being almost entirely self-serve. With this type of customer journey, it’s critical for B2B marketers to invest in creative, attention-earning brand marketing.  

LinkedIn – How B2B Decision-Makers Consume Content Today  

The Magic Studio  

The design platform Canva has launched an AI-powered version, Magic Studio. The platform has been updated with easy-to-use AI-powered features across every part of Canva. Features include video creation, presentations, and AI-powered image editing. Tools include Magic Switch – which converts your project into a different format, Magic Media image-generation, Magic Animate, Magic Write – which drafts copy in your brand tone of voice. There’s even Canva Shield, a collection of security controls to protect your data.  

Canva – Introducing Magic Studio: the power of AI, all in one place  


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