CEO–CMO alignment, LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles and Google Algorithm Update

Published 27/10/2023 / FRESH INK

Google Algorithm Update Impacts Publisher Visibility  

Google’s latest core algorithm update had a far greater impact on news publishers’ search visibility than either March or August’s updates. Press Gazette found that of the top 70 leading publishers, half saw visibility fall and 24 saw a double-digit decline. For the largest news brands, percentage shifts were smaller; BBC News saw visibility fall 3% to 57 points, and Mail Online was down 6% to 85. It’s a fall which corrects overperforming publications, lowering visibility and traffic to more-expected levels.  

Press Gazette – Half of top news brands see fall in search visibility after latest Google core update  

The 5% Growth Boost from CEO–CMO alignment  

CEOs who place marketing at the core of their growth strategy are twice as likely to have greater than 5 percent annual growth compared with their peers.  Yet, the vast majority of CEOs have multiple marketing-related roles that report directly to the CEO. This proliferation means that there are sometimes ill-defined responsibilities for customers, growth, or both.  And, CEOs and CMOs are not always on the same page about the primary roles of marketing.  

McKinsey – The power of partnership: How the CEO–CMO relationship can drive outsize growth 

Boost your profile with LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles 

LinkedIn’s Collaborative Articles tool has been updated to use AI-generated prompts and call on specific users to contribute to specific topics. Since its launch, over a million people have used the collaborative article feature, making it the platform’s fastest-growing traffic source. And, there is an incentive for users, a “Top Community Voice” badge -which will help profiles stand-out on the platform.   

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Updates Collaborative Articles, a Key Traffic Driver for the App  

Measurement, Activation, and Analytics  

The fastest growing categories in marketing data stacks are Measurement, Customer Data Activation, and Analytics, according to Snowflake. AI & Machine Learning is up by 15.5% – and it is predicted adoption in this category will surge next year. The report also found a shift to an integrated and data-driven approach to marketing and advertising, driven by the fragmented media landscape and attempts to eliminate inefficiency.   

Snowflake – The Modern Marketing Data Stack 2023  

Three Quarters of B2B Marketers Use Generative AI Tools 

72% of B2B marketers use generative AI tools, but 61% believe their organisation lacks effective AI usage guidelines. That’s just two of Content Marketing Institute’s findings from their annual content marketing report, which has also found that AI is changing SEO approaches with 31% of content marketers sharpening their focus on user intent. Beyond AI, most marketers (57%) cite the challenge of creating the right content for their audience as their biggest focus in 2024. 

Content Marketing Institute – B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends: Outlook for 2024  

Boost SEO and Content Creation with Google Trends 

Google’s latest tool, Google Trends provides marketers with valuable information that can be tailored and applied to SEO and content creation. It allows users to compare up to five keyword search terms and tailor the outcomes based on location, topic, time, and search surface. The results are then depicted in a graph, showing the search trend over time, and giving users an insight into the minds of their audience. 

Search Engine Journal – Google Trends: How to Use It for SEO & Content Marketing  


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