Emerging Tech Trends, Third-Party Cookie Phase Out & LinkedIn Ad Price Rise

Published 05/01/2024 / FRESH INK

LinkedIn’s gaining popularity amongst advertisers, as X falls behind.  

But, how can you take full advantage of the platform’s capabilities and boost your following? 📱 

Our first Fresh Ink of 2024 covers:  

🍪 Publishers Respond to the Third-Party Cookie Exit 

🏆 It’s LinkedIn Season, as it picks up users from X 

💥 Be findable, Be flashy and Be relevant on LinkedIn 

📹 90-Second Instagram Reels Outperform Alternatives 

🤖 Use of AI-Generated Content to Be Disclosed 

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Publishers Respond to Third-Party Cookie Phasing 

Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies kicked off this week, as it began testing ‘Tracking Protection’, a new feature that limits cross-site tracking by restricting website access to third-party cookies by default. The move is in preparation for H2 2024 – where Google will phase out third-party cookies. Publishers are responding to the move, by looking at how they build their own targeting solutions to address both advertiser and audience needs. 

Press Gazette – How can news media bounce back in 2024? 18 leaders share their insights  

It’s LinkedIn Season, as it picks up users from X 

LinkedIn has seen a significant increase in demand for its advertising services as brands reallocate spend from X – in some cases, prices have surged by 30%. Penry Price, LinkedIn’s vice-president of marketing solutions, said that “more brands” are wanting to wield its unique targeting abilities. One service that is being tested will allow brands to use LinkedIn data to target individuals on connected TV apps, including Roku, Peacock, Pluto and Fox Sports.  

Financial Times – LinkedIn ad prices rise as advertisers leave Elon Musk’s X  

Be findable, Be flashy and Be relevant on LinkedIn  

Growing your LinkedIn following requires a multitude of tactics. LinkedIn’s Social Media Manager, Alexandra Morales calls out 15 Tips for attracting followers to your LinkedIn page – from establishing a core following on LinkedIn, to how companies can solidify their growth by creating and maintaining showcase pages. Our top three from this LinkedIn blog are, ‘Be findable, Be flashy and Be relevant.’  

LinkedIn Blog – 15 Tips for Attracting Followers to Your LinkedIn Page in 2023  

90-Second Instagram Reels Outperform Alternatives  

Longer Instagram Reels (videos over 90 seconds) received double the median number of views than TikTok videos, according to Emplifi’s new research. Both Instagram and Facebook algorithms favour longer-form video content, yet video length is less important on TikTok. In fact, Instagram Reels outperform the platform’s own Stories feature, delivering six times the reach – yet advertisers posted five times as many Stories as they did Reels in 2023.  

Marketing Dive – Instagram Reels outperform TikTok, Facebook for branded video content, report says  

Use of AI-Generated Content to Be Disclosed  

AI-generated content is expected to be labelled in 2024 – in an effort to limit the spread of misinformation. Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are introducing a new policy that requires users to disclosure the use of AI in politically aimed advertisements – stating content that isn’t could be removed. Adobe has responded to generative AI developments by announcing – Firefly – its generative AI model that comes equipped with “content credentials,” a labeling system for AI-generated assets created on the platform. 

The Drum – Emerging tech trends for 2024: deepfakes, AI wearables and more  


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