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Published 20/01/2023 / THOUGHTS

Trust may be low, but we can rebuild. 👷‍♂️🏗️ 

In today’s Fresh Ink, we explore the findings of Edelman’s Trust Barometer, what marketers predict for their budgets, and the most popular platforms for journalists. 📈🌐 

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Cautiously Positive  

40% of UK marketers are expecting an increase in their budgets in 2023. Main media marketing is the belle of the ball with a net balance of +13.4%. Other areas on the up include direct marketing, PR, and events. With a bit extra in the pot, how will you utilise your budget this year? 

The Drum – IPA Bellwether: marketers cautious but positive, 40% expecting budget to grow in 2023

In PR We Trust 

Disinformation, leaderships failures and economic concerns continue to erode trust, according to Edelman’s Trust Barometer 2023. Business is now viewed as the only global sector that is both ethical and competent.

Edelman – Trust Barometer 2023 

Tweet and Greet 

While Mastodon has recently attracted a few journalists, Twitter remains the top social platform for reporters. That’s why for PRs, Twitter trumps the rest for finding out a reporter’s pitching preference, hot topics, and career moves. It’s the best digital arena to make connections. 

PR Week – Journalists are sticking with Twitter, and so are the PR pros who want to meet them 


B2B marketers are often under pressure to force-fit results into B2C frameworks. Not anymore! Purpose-built B2B measurement metrics will likely emerge in 2023. These will define new industry standards and help marketers to better showcase their business impact.

Back End News – Companies can explore emotional messaging for B2B marketing

Username Usurping  

We are all aware of Twitter’s trial and error approach throughout the past few months. Auctioning off usernames appears to be the most recent attempt to boost revenue for the platform. Although it’s important to be aware of these changes, don’t strategise around them; they may not last. 

New York Times – Twitter Said to Consider Selling Usernames to Boost Revenue  

Can’t Get Enough  

Social media usage globally continues to rise – no surprise there! According to’s State of Mobile 2023 report, we spent a combined 2 trillion hours on the platforms in 2022. And, that’s only on Android devices! Now, more than ever, it is essential for brands to assess the best platforms, possibilities, and monetisation potential.  

PR Daily – Global time spent in social apps surpasses 2 trillion hours just on Android 


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