The Search Engine, and Beyond!  

Published 19/05/2023 / FRESH INK

💸 Spending is trending 💸 69% of global marketing teams have increased or maintained their spend this year.  

In this week’s Fresh Ink, we take a dive into the latest industry stats on budget spending and inclusivity. We also discuss the latest on Google’s new “search generative experience” and TikTok’s new “business hub”.  

Enjoy this week’s top picks! ✅ 

The Search Engine, and Beyond!  

Google’s latest AI tool is here – Search Generative Experience (SGE). Users will have options to learn more about a topic through follow-up questions and AI-powered search returns. Their answers will give businesses a new understanding of customer search patterns, helping them to refine their search engine strategies. 

Digiday – Google tests generative AI in Search Lab experiments that are key to defending its digital crown

TikTok’s All-In-One Appeal 

TikTok has launched a new ‘business hub’, which functions as one-stop shop for business to master marketing, branding and performance on the social media platform. Will it be enough to convince hesitant B2B brands to join the platform? 

TikTok – TikTok has launched business hub for marketing on the platform

It’s a Rich Marketer’s World 

69% of global marketing teams have increased or maintained their spend on content creation and management over the past year. Research presented by Marketing Tech News also revealed that 83% of marketers are focused on enhancing their tech processes. 

Marketing Tech News – 69% of marketers increase spend on content despite challenging economy

AI Advantage 

Publishers shouldn’t panic about Chat GPT and AI taking their jobs: instead, new research suggests that AI tools will be mostly used to increase productivity. For example, Chat GPT could generate ideas around a SEO theme while other tools could improve headlines and better understand user intent.

Press Gazette – Publishers using ChatGPT to improve headlines and suggest feature ideas

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work 

Marketing Week has revealed that marketers are being asked to “crack the industry open” to older talent, following claims of youth bias. Brands must nurture a multi-generational workforce, invite more voices to the table and commit to listening.  

Marketing Week – Marketers urged to ‘crack industry open’ to older talent as study confirms youth bias


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