Meta and Meltwater step up their game

Published 26/05/2023 / FRESH INK

Oh, it is fresh off the press…. 

– BBC News unveils BBC Verify – its latest attempt to build trust.   

– Google shares its “topic authority” ranking system  

– Fox News escapes a fall in global online traffic, unlike other news outlets.

– Meta and Meltwater step up their AI game!  

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Verified at Source 

BBC News has unveiled BBC Verify, a brand to build audience trust by pulling back the curtain on journalists’ verification methods to address disinformation. Whether this move will resolve controversy around unbiased reporting at the news giant, remains to be seen. 

BBC – BBC News puts transparency at its heart with BBC Verify

Topic Authority 

Google has announced an SEO Ranking System for news sites named “topic authority”, which aims to help surface relevant, expert and knowledgeable content in Google Search. The announcement is another part of their efforts to be more transparent about what drives traffic to sites. 

Search Engine Land – Google announces new topic authority system to better surface news content

Fantastic Fox 

Fox News was the only top ten newsbrand to avoid a fall in global online traffic, while the BBC remains the biggest newsbrand in the world with 1.1 billion visits. Outside the top ten, it’s worth keeping an eye on niche American newsletter platform Substack, which has 51.1 million visits, and has grown by 28%. 

Press Gazette – Top 50 news websites in the world in April 2023: Fox only top ten news brand to avoid traffic slump

Social Splurge 

80% of business executives predict a rise in their company’s social media spending over the next three years, with 93% believing social media insights will be a major source of business information in the future. If you want to be a winner, splurge on social. 

Marketing Tech News – Investment in social media is ‘critical for long-term success’

Game On! 

Meltwater has entered the AI game. Users will now have the support of an AI writing assistant, an AI-based insight discovery assistant and video analysis, to increase efficiency and save users time on content creation and audience research. Are these editions a level up, or will they put Meltwater in hot water? 

PR Week – Meltwater rolls out AI tools

Advantage Meta 

Meta’s new AI Sandbox tool, launching in July, will use generative AI to improve advert creation. The feature will automatically provide users with different text variations and images based on text input. This is just one of Meta’s new AI tools; keep an eye out for Meta Lattice and Meta Advantage coming soon.

Marketing Dive – Meta bets its advertising scale can differentiate new generative AI tools


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