Have We Hit “Peak Podcast”?

Published 09/06/2023 / FRESH INK

B2B marketing isn’t about fitting in, it’s about standing out! 🌟  

In this week’s Fresh Ink, we explore the key stories in B2B marketing, sales, and PR:  

– The Financial Times secures the highest “net trust”.  

– LinkedIn analyses the emerging trends in the SaaS market. 

– Press Gazette debates whether we have hit “peak podcast”. 

– Instagram revealed its top tips to topping the ranks on the platform. 

Take a read of the top industry stories here! ✅ 

SaaSy Marketing  

The recent SaaS market downturn has changed marketing approaches. This LinkedIn guide explains the shift in focus from investing in customer acquisition, to also ensuring long-term viability. The key takeaway: SaaS providers need to reallocate their marketing budget to build their brand, by working with existing customers (through content marketing), while also focusing on upsells and cross-sells to maximize opportunities. 

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Shares New Insights to Help SaaS Marketers Capitalize on Current Trends 

Peak Podcast 

The “narrative culture” via podcasts is transforming journalism. The format gives journalists more time to tell the story. So, the goal is no longer to simply to inform viewers, but to entertain them. But beware of blurring the boundaries, as news meets the entertainment format. It’s important to think in terms of scenes – beginnings, middles and ends.   

Press Gazette – Podcast Show 2023: How creation of “narrative culture” is changing journalism in the UK 

Trusting (Financial) Times  

When it comes to “net trust”, the Financial Times tops the list. The latest YouGov survey found that 40% of Britons agree that they trust the FT, compared to 10% who distrust the publication. ITV and Channel 4 were ranked joint second, with the BBC taking third place. So, who do you trust?  

Marketing Week – Marketing salaries, media trust, budgets: 5 interesting stats to start your week 

Rising Through the Ranks 

Instagram lifts the lid on rankings across Feeds, Stories, Explore, Reels and Search. Historical likes, saves and shares surface similar content on Instagram’s explore page. When it comes to ranking reels, the emphasis is on entertainment. The majority of what you see will be accounts you don’t follow. So, keep your brand’s page interactive and keep the content interesting to sneak into your target market’s feed.  

Instagram – Instagram Ranking Explained 

Simply the Best 

Demonstrating product differentiators is vital in the B2B space. Whether your products are better, faster, or cheaper, let users know. It’s important to present the right idea at the right time. Know your differentiators and accelerators. De-risk deals by carefully tailoring deal shapes. And, position thoughtfully for the right executive.   

Forbes – 5 ways the world’s strongest B2B sales teams do more with less 

Transforming Tech  

Today’s B2B buying journey begins online – and B2B marketing is changing in response. B2B buyers are “consumerising B2B” in terms of customer care, user experience, social media, reviews, and brand presence across channels, among other influences. The B2B journey is anything but linear as the journey moves between the online and offline interactions. 

MarTech Series – New research highlights ‘Transformation’ of B2B marketing in U.S and Europe 

Budget To Personalise  

70% of B2B marketing executives anticipate an increase in their digital marketing budgets in 2023.  

They expect that they will have more to spend on improving customer experiences, with personalisation and content generation dominating. And that expenditure will remain robust.  

MarTech – B2B digital marketing budgets should grow in 2023 


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