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Published 17/02/2023 / THOUGHTS

AI is all the rage. 🤖📝

Have a read of how Google’s Bard is impacting brands and marketers in this week’s Fresh Ink.

Read on for more top stories in PR, marketing and social media.

Barf’d Your Product Demo?  

Google just Barf’d its first product demonstration of its AI chatbot. The mistake cost it $100 billion in its market valuation. And, no doubt made marketers pause for thought, as their hopes of how AI can help with research and content development was called into question. There is no doubt AI will help us, but we must proceed with caution. 

Marketing Dive – Microsoft, Google’s AI race points to shifting search power balance 

Work SMARTer  

LinkedIn just published a new 15-page explainer of common KPIs. So, how do you make your KPIs work for you? Align key performance indicators and SMART objectives to track progress and predict end performance. The main goal is motivating purchase decisions and maintaining customer loyalty – monitored by click through rates, conversion rates and customer lifetime value. 

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Publishes New Guide to B2B Marketing KPIs  

Resilient Relations  

Values and beliefs are becoming an increasingly important part of branding. Enter the PR team! 57% of organisations involve PR teams in strategic planning and are using comms to win over their target audience. This improves decision making, planning and management capabilities, ultimately building resilience. 

CIPR – Nearly one in five businesses have no PR support – new IOD and CIPR report finds 

Socials on top  

Social media remains the top choice for comms teams. 70% say social media channels are the most effective medium for external comms. And, to stay at the top of their game, 65% of organisations will increase social media measurement and analytics training over the next year. Don’t discount this strategy, keep up with the competition. 

PR Daily – What comms pros said about social media in Ragan’s Communications Benchmark Survey 


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