The Race for most popular news app

Published 12/05/2023 / FRESH INK

The race is on for most popular news app, and its neck and neck. While Apple still takes the lead, BBC is close behind. Which horse do you have your bets on? 🏇🏁 

Meanwhile, in the social media scramble, Meta is testing creator payments and Google is introducing blue checkmarks.  

Find out about these and more top stories in the world of marketing, social and PR.  

A Bite of Apple 

Apple News was the most popular news app in March, but it’s lead over the BBC has shrunk to 0.6%. The good news for Apple is that it remains a two-horse competition, with the two apps being the only news apps to reach more than 25% of the UK’s online audience.

Press Gazette – Most popular news apps in the UK: BBC closes the gap on Apple

Circle of a CMO Life 

CMO tenure continues to fall and remains one of the shortest tenures in C-suite. But short tenure cannot be associated with bad performance. Almost 30% of CMOs were new to the job in 2022, with less than 12 months of tenure. And 77% of exiting CMOs in the top 100 go on to bigger roles.  

Marketing Dive – CMOs face even shorter tenures but some move on to bigger roles

Marketing Mania  

Marketers are all in for AI: 73% of marketers are using Generative AI tools to create content. Typically, the tools are being used for brainstorming, with two-thirds using Gen AI for first drafts and outlines. Nearly half are using AI to produce final content. 

MarTech – 73% of marketers now using generative AI tools

Money Talks 

In its latest bid to lure users from rival TikTok, Meta is attempting to lure in creators with cash. The new payout model is being tested on short-form video content with the hope that this will encourage more entertaining content, so users and advertisers might spend time and money. Will more wannabe influencers flock to the platform?  

Bloomberg – Meta Tests Views-Based Creator Payments to Compete With TikTok

Curbing Carbon 

Brands and ad agencies are concerned about how much carbon their campaigns are creating, which is putting pressure on publishers to measure campaign emissions and decrease footprint. Many ad agencies are setting up emissions thresholds for clients and asking for carbon emissions ratings in their proposals to publishers.

Digiday – Why media buyers are asking more questions about the sustainability impact of their ad campaigns

Seal of Approval 

Google is implementing its own blue checkmark system. And is awarded following the brand verification process. For brands, this is an opportunity to separate yourself from email spammers and scammers. But will Twitter’s recent decision to sell blue checkmarks degrade trust in this indicator?  

Social Media Today – Google Launches Blue Checkmarks for Verified Brands in Gmail


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