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Published 13/01/2023 / THOUGHTS

Technology is taking over the world! 🌐 

Read up on the latest marketing social and PR news in this week’s Fresh Ink! We discover how AI is changing the face of journalism, how hybrid working is being taken to a new level with offices in the metaverse and the top tips to mastering the SEO in 2023! 💻📱 


AI transcription is flipping the script. It’s changing the way journalists work. It is helping to write summaries of top news stories, draft summaries of background context and provide links to relevant article. It’s even helping to deliver personalisation to the reader, improving content recommendations to increase engagement.  

Reuters Institute – Journalism, media, and technology trends and predictions for 2023 

Become an SEO-bi-Wan Kenobe  

The ever-present question, how do we master SEO? Use tech of course! Use it to improve the way your site is crawled, and make sure content is relevant so it’s indexed. Be warned, stay away from AI written content, and avoid an advertising overload! 

Press Gazette – Google News SEO tips for publishers: How to make tiny gains every day

Great Expectations  

Recruitment is getting a shakeup in 2023. Ethics and flexible working options will be key to attracting a new wave of job seekers and top marketing talent. Gen Z will be joining the market with a new set of expectations and employers will seek out ex-employees over new hires. Social media will also be vital for both hiring managers and candidates.   

Hubspot – 15 Hiring Trends to Watch in 2023

Working virtually or virtually working? 

Daily commute vs VR headset – which will win? The metaverse could become your new office, where 3D cartoon-like representations of each employee walk and talk, but the jobs that exist are likely to be very different from those in the real world. This takes hybrid working to a new level.  

BBC – Will the metaverse be your new workplace? 


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