From a billion visits to the BBC to LinkedIn dropping Carousel Posts…

Published 23/06/2023 / FRESH INK

BBC Pulls in 1 Billion Visits  

The BBC was again the biggest news brand in the world with 1.1 billion visits in May. It was followed by, CNN, and the New York Times. Google News was overtaken by the Daily Mail to grab sixth place. While the top news brands are not seeing year-on-year growth, news aggregators like News Now are gaining ground.  

Press Gazette Top 50 biggest news websites in the world in May 2023: Year-on-year traffic slump at every top ten site  

The 4Ps to a Fighting Force  

“Marketers needs to go beyond the 4Ps to become a fighting force for the company,” said Fernando Machado, CMO of start-up NotCo and former Burger King CMO in a roundtable with Marketing Week. Mark Kirkham, PepsiCo’s CMO added, ‘Calling it CMO – fine. It’s what you do with it. It’s how you shape the CMO.’ These words will resonate with many, as leaders and investors look to marketers for growth.  

Marketing Week – ‘Right hand to the CEO’: Marketers on the changing demands of the CMO 

LinkedIn Culls Carousel Posts 

LinkedIn has phased out several creator features, including carousel posts, profile videos, and in-image linking options. The company claims that users haven’t warmed to these features. However, that seems unlikely. For companies still wishing to use carousels – which get good engagement – the PDF attachment option still works. 

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Removes Native Carousels, Profile Videos and In-Image Links  

Paying the Media to Train AI  

OpenAI, Google, Microsoft, and Adobe are discussing agreements with leading media outlets to pay publishers for the use of news content to train gen AI models. The deals are looking to address copyright issues around their AI products – we expect to see more around controlled data and copyright as AI regulation and controls evolve. 

Financial Times – AI and media companies negotiate landmark deals over news content  

The ‘silver bullet’ B2B marketing strategy 

Ipsos and LinkedIn couldn’t find a ‘silver bullet’ B2B marketing strategy when they talked to 1,954 B2B leaders across various industries. Instead, they found a full funnel approach is a focus for B2B leaders, with many CMOs expected to have more direct involvement in driving revenue and growth. CEOs are also finding themselves under higher expectations to demonstrate marketing impact on the bottom line. 

LinkedIn – The B2B Marketing Benchmark  

Shorten the B2B Cycle  

B2B sellers have an ever-smaller window to make an impact on prospective customers. Meanwhile, sales cycles are lengthening. This article shares three ways to shorten the cycle. First off is to utilise AI to gauge customer intent. Second, is to harmonise sales and marketing teams, And third is to build process efficiencies to ensure personalisation. It’s about making the tech work for you.  

Forbes Three ways to shorten a lengthening sales cycle in 2023 and beyond   

Google’s AI to Boost Visual Assets  

Google’s AI expansion continues, with the launch of two new artificial software tools designed to increase demand and maximise video campaigns. ‘Demand Gen’ features a new production flow intended to make it easier to bring visual assets to Google Ads, while ‘Video Views’ leverages AI to increase viewership.  

Marketing Dive – Google unveils AI tools aimed at maximising video campaigns 

Tune in to Instagram!  

Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of Instagram Broadcast Channels, which allow creators to send one-way messages to channel members. Available only on the Instagram app, it breaks past the algorithm to reach a wider audience. It’s a big step towards better community engagement,  

Search Engine Journal – Instagram Broadcast Channels Roll Out Globally: What you Need to Know  


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