Google ’ing’, CIOs Disruptions & LinkedIn Hits 1 Billion Users

Published 10/11/2023 / FRESH INK

Google ’ing’ – the new top-level domain?  

Google has launched a new top-level domain that builds websites into a single word: ing. Like ‘.com’ or ‘.org’, ‘.ing’ allows users to register domains that indicate verbs, nouns and adjectives that end with the ing suffix. This targeting is good for branding – it will help users to build a site or service which has an easy to remember domain name.  

Google – Introducing the ‘ing’ top-level domain  

Getting ahead of the 2024 B2B Marketing Budget 

Raconteur explores how B2B marketers are preparing for success in 2024. It talks to a CMO consensus that B2B firms need to talk their buyers now for returns in 2024 – not two or three months down the line. And, cites a McKinsey study that shows that ‘firms seeking an edge over their competition are more likely to achieve that by continuing to invest in certain functions during a downturn’. 

Raconteur - 2024 starts now: how B2B marketers are preparing for success next year 

Seven CIOs Disruptions to wrap into planning sessions   

Gartner IT Symposium in Barcelona kicked off this week. The expo captured the disruptive trends that will be on the minds of CIOs in 2024, in this article. It talks to the geomagnetic storm impact, codeplasma, regulated AI and the golden age of silver workers. There’s a lot to unpack in the summary – for marketers planning for 2023, it is a rich source of insight into what will matter to the CIO next year. And, good fodder for 2024 planning meeting.  

Gartner – Highlights From Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo Barcelona: Day 3 

Regional News Keeps pulling in readers  

Of the top 50 UK news sites, twenty-two regional and local news websites saw an increase in audience during September, according to Press Gazette. Reach PLC topped the rankings, occupying the top ten position when sorted by audience size. First place went to Devon Live with 59% audience growth, followed by Cambridgeshire Live (51%), The Telegraph and Argus (47%) and Bristol Live (41%).  

Press Gazette – Regional digital top 50: Half of UK’s biggest local news websites grew audience in September  

LinkedIn Hits 1 Billion Users, thanks to F, G, X 

LinkedIn hits 1 billion users and is celebrating the milestone by introducing a new AI-powered Premium experience, which will include AI-tailored profile writing suggestions and AI-powered messaging suggestions. Its growth has been partly attributed to the social media platform’s decision to double down on news – including newsletters. Not to mention, the fact that Google reduced the prominence of news in its rankings. Facebook walked away from the news business. And X’s journey is changing daily.  

Forbes – LinkedIn Reaches 1 Billion Members, Expands AI Features On Site 

One in five marketers lack necessary digital skills  

Core digital marketing skills have improved, but emerging technologies are contributing to a growing skills gap. That’s according to CIM and Target Internet’s newest report on the sector, which reveals that one in five marketers report that they have only some of the required digital skills for their roles. The rapid pace of change in the marketing sector means staying up to date is a challenge, while the benchmark also suggests a gap between confidence and actual skill levels.  

Marketing Tech News – Digital marketing skills show positive growth but sector demands outpace professional development  


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