“Year in Search”, Newsroom Leaders Lack AI Plans & B2B influencer identification  

Published 15/12/2023 / FRESH INK

💰 7/10 B2B Tech Firms Plan to Increase Marketing Budget 

👨‍👩‍👦 The 5% “ready to talk to sales”, doesn’t negate the other 95% 

🧑‍💻 Top Qualities in B2B influencer identification 

🔎 Google’s “Year in Search” Reveals This Year’s Top Trends 

🤖 Newsroom Leaders Lack AI Plans 

💥 Top 3 End of Year B2B Marketing Questions 

7/10 B2B Tech Firms Plan to Increase Marketing Budget 

73% of B2B tech firms are planning to increase their marketing budget going into next year – despite almost four in five reporting an impact to their 2023 revenues, according to 10Fold/Sapio Research. Over half expect more ambitious KPIs and better results to accompany these increased budgets. The growth in budgets is most likely to occur in companies that already increased budgets this year – 92% of companies that grew budgets in 2023 indicate they will do so next year. 

Marketing Week – 73% of B2B tech firms to increase marketing budget despite hit to revenue 

The 5% “ready to talk to sales”, doesn’t negate the other 95% 

95% of B2B marketers aren’t in the market at any given time, according to LinkedIn research. But, targeting only those “ready to talk to sales” means missing out on 95% of your serviceable addressable market (SAM). Committing to investing in this sizable group will ensure brand recognition amongst a wider target audience. But, B2B marketers must focus on creativity (47%) and media reach, targeting and context (38%) to drive impact, according to Nielsen. 

MarTech – 2024 B2B trends: 6 key areas of marketing success 

Top Qualities in B2B influencer identification  

B2B marketers say social media marketing (49%), influencer marketing (39%) and search engine optimisation (36%) are the three biggest contributors to marketing program success, according to Top Rank Marketing. When it comes to choosing an influencer, the top qualities sought are – trustworthiness (49%), relevance of audience/network (48%), professional credentials (45%), size of audience (44%) and subject matter expertise (43%).  

LinkedIn – Using LinkedIn to Elevate B2B Influencer Marketing 

Google’s “Year in Search” Reveals This Year’s Top Trends 

Google’s latest “Year in Search” overview offers an insight into the most searched topics and trends throughout 2023. The analysis provides global and regional insights, as well as interactive displays. And, with Google celebrating 25 years of search, the launch of the “Time Capsule” will allow users to do a deep dive into historic trends and key events, based on search activity.  

Social Media Today – Google Provides Insight into the Top Search Trends of 2023, and the Last 25 Years 

Newsroom Leaders Lack AI Plans 

74% of newsroom leaders believe generative AI will help increase newsroom productivity and improve workflows, according to Reuters’ annual Changing Newsrooms Survey. Their findings show that 29% have plans in place to guide AI implementation, with only 16% having detailed guidelines currently in place. And, newsrooms also lack a structured and clear plan for diversity, with only 43% having a comprehensive strategy in place. 

Reuters – Changing Newsrooms 2023: Media leaders struggle to embrace diversity in full and remain cautious on AI disruption 

Top 3 End of Year B2B Marketing Questions  

80% of B2B CMOs are learning the language of finance to secure further marketing funding, and 84% have improved their ability to communicate marketing’s impact to their CFO and CMO, according to Fast Company. As we head into 2024, it will be vital for B2B marketing leaders to deliver a bigger impact. Collaborating with the C-suite and encouraging their teams to experiment with new technologies will be vital for improving and demonstrating ROI going forward.  

Fast Company – Top 3 questions marketers should consider for end-of-year conversations 


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