‘Grade As’ for CMOs, LinkedIn’s Media Planning API & Google’s Search Generative Experience 

Published 23/02/2024 / FRESH INK

There’s nothing like getting an ‘A’ in marketing. Well, in old money anyway! 

One in Four CMOs at US Firms were given a “grade A” for their performance last year, according to Boathouse’s Third Annual CEO survey. Alongside driving revenue growth, CEOs were giving away top marks for “transforming the company’s narrative in the marketplace”. And, “improving the brand’s reputation” 

On the media front – the New York Times continues to make digital waves – bagging 9.7 million digital subscribers in the latest readership statistics. And, comes in second for print readership behind the Wall Street Journal.  

There is that and more in Fresh Ink this week: 

📱 New York Times Tops WSJ for Digital 

💰 Independent in talks to take control of BuzzFeed 

🏆 ‘Grade As’ for One in Four CMOs at US Firms 

🤖 B2B Marketers Turn to Gen AI for Content Ideas  

👩‍💻 LinkedIn’s Media Planning API Enhances B2B Campaign Strategy 

🔎 Google’s Search Generative Experience 

New York Times Grabs More Digital Subscribers  

The Wall Street Journal (555,182), New York Times (267,639), New York Post (131,217) and Washington Post (127,724) held the biggest print readership in the US, as of September 2023. But, impressive digital subscription growth from the New York Times saw it bag 9.7 million subscribers as of December 2023, compared to The Wall Street Journal’s 3.5 million. This jump puts the New York Times on path to its goal of 15 million subscribers by the end of 2027.   

Press Gazette – Top 25 US news circulations: Largest print titles fall 14% in year to September 2023  

Independent in talks to take control of BuzzFeed 

The Independent is currently in discussions to take control of Buzzfeed and HuffPost in the UK. This move comes as part of the publication’s strategy to expand its digital media presence and audience reach. The acquisition has the potential to have a huge impact on the UK media landscape, in light of Google’s plans to phase out third-party cookies this year. It is a sign that media companies are looking for new ways to generate revenue. But, will others follow in The Independent’s footsteps?   

FT – Independent in talks to take control of Buzzfeed and HuffPost in UK  

‘Grade As’ for One in Four CMOs at US Firms  

One in Four (26%) CEOs at top US companies gave their CMO a “grade A” for their performance, up from 16% who said the same last year. The top problem they wanted marketers to solve was “creating new customers, retaining existing customers and driving revenue growth”, according to Boathouse’s new report. Beyond this issue, CEOs saw marketing as central to “improving the brand/reputation” (41%) and “transforming the company’s narrative in the marketplace” (40%).  

Marketing Charts – The Core Problems CEOs Want Their Marketing Teams to Solve   

B2B Marketers Turn to Gen AI for Content Ideas  

57% of B2B marketers find creating the right content a challenge, according to a new report from Insider Intelligence. The report also found that 51% use Gen AI to brainstorm new topics, and 45% to research headlines and keywords. And, while 28% don’t use tools at all, others are already using the technology to make campaigns hyper-dynamic and based on real-time analytics. 

Insider Intelligence – How can B2B marketers respond to generative AI’s opportunities and challenges?  

LinkedIn’s Media Planning API Enhances B2B Campaign Strategy 

LinkedIn has launched a Media Planning API for agency partners, offering direct access to platform data to help enhance campaign planning. The API supplies real-time data insights for a more comprehensive understanding of potential reach and ROI. And, provides added information on demographics, job roles and online behaviour. All of which allow B2B marketers to focus on data-driven decisions – from audience data to predictive analysis and precise ad targeting.  

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Launches New Media Planning API  

Google’s Search Generative Experience 

Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) is transforming SEO by introducing generative AI capabilities to Google Search results. This shift in online search will be a positive change for users, as AI-generated results are often easier to find. But, professionals will require an SEO strategy rethink. Understanding large language models and thematic mapping will be vital in developing keywords and content strategies to enhance content optimisation and drive traffic to the website going forward.  

Search Engine Journal – Revolutionising SEO with Google’s Search Generative Experience  


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