Growth Marketers In Demand, BBC Must Adapt & the Digital Shift in B2B  

Published 02/02/2024 / FRESH INK

The chief growth officer is the fastest growing role in the US, according to LinkedIn.   

That’s likely unsurprising – give the economic climate and continued layoffs. But, there is some light – the IMF global growth forecast is up two-tenths of a percentage point from its October forecast – at 3.1% in 2024.  

There’s more on growth markers, and how to navigate media, PR, and AI, in this week’s Fresh Ink. 

📈 Growth Marketers In Demand 

🍪 Consent to Cookies or Pay to Read 

✍️ New AI Writing Tool In Chrome 

🚧 BBC Must ‘Adapt or Lose Trust’ 

📨 Journalist Response Rate at 3% According to Propel 

🧭 Navigating the Digital Shift in B2B 

Growth Marketers In Demand 

The Chief Revenue Officer and growth marketers are among the marketing roles most in demand in 2024, according to new data from LinkedIn. This is because these roles align sales and marketing, reflecting the greater need for the two to be “joined at the hip and working together”. The data also revealed that the fastest growing marketing role in the chief growth officer. And, in the UK it is the sustainability manager. 

Marketing Week – Chief revenue officer among fastest growing marketing roles  

Consent to Cookies or Pay to Read 

The UK Information Commissioner’s Office will require all news publishers doing business in Britain to add a “reject all cookies” button, which could reduce addressable web audiences by 20-25%, according to The Ozone Project. In response, publishers are considering a ‘consent or pay’ model – i.e. accept all cookies or pay to read. They’ll have to tread carefully though, with the ICO warning that users must be given ‘given genuine choice and control over their personal data’. 

Press Gazette – Publishers mull ‘consent or pay’ in response to ‘reject all’ cookies button policy  

New AI Writing Tool Introduced to Chrome 

New AI elements have been added to Chrome, aiming to enhance user experience and provide artistic inspiration. One of the key features introduced by Google is the writing assistant, attempting to help users create better queries and posts. It’s another tool for comms professionals to experiment with. But, having this tool so readily available could boost the possibility of an AI bot flood – creating a web of bots talking to other bots, while human users watch on.  

Social Media Today – Google Adds New Generative AI Elements to Chrome, Including Writing Assistant   

BBC Must ‘Adapt or Lose Trust’ 

The U.K. government has warned that the BBC must clearly demonstrate impartiality, with the mid-term review into the corporation’s funding seeing the Culture Secretary, Lucy Frazer, warning it needs “to adapt or risk losing trust of the audiences it relies on”. The review also gives more power to the BBC and media regulator Ofcom to handle complaints. The review was met with criticism from sources within the BBC and media experts, with one warning it was a “great big hard hammer, badly disguised inside a not very velvet glove”. 

The Guardian – BBC must ‘adapt or risk losing trust’ says midterm review  

Journalist Response Rate at 3% According to Propel  

In Q4 2023, journalists opened approximately 45.3% of the pitches they received, but they only responded to 3.15%, according to Propel’s latest Media Barometer report. Nearly 70% of all pitches are replied to on the same day, with Tuesday being the most popular day to receive the highest response (35.69%). And, the most popular topics included technology, tech funding, the economy, climate and energy and social media.  

Propel – Q1 Media Barometer  

Navigating the Digital Shift in B2B  

One of the largest challenges facing European B2B companies is the rise in demand for digital customer experiences. This shift is set to impact B2B sales strategies going forward, with increased investments in hybrid engagement platforms and creating the perfect personalised experience. But, it is not enough to simply digitise current processes, the emphasis must be on consistency, modularity, and the ability to adjust to continuous changes when adopting a platform-based infrastructure. 

The Independent – How B2B Companies are Navigating the 2024 Marketing Landscape  


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