Has the cage fight for top “text-based conversation app” just started? 

Published 07/07/2023 / FRESH INK

Zuckerberg’s launch of Meta’s new Twitter-like platform, Threads, has amassed 30 million sign-ups. That’s just a week after Musk put a cap on how many tweets users can read in a day.  

It wouldn’t be Fresh Ink if we didn’t cover the Twitter-Threads tussle. Plus, there is more: 

– The 2023 B2B buying landscape. 

– News outlets are boosting their Instagram following. 

– Salesforce’s AI Makeover. 

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Thread the needle  

In a characteristically copycat move, Meta has launched Threads, a Twitter-like platform. A major benefit is its link to Instagram, allowing new users to carry across their account and connections. Zuckerberg’s aim is to create a “friendly” platform compatible with open social networking. With 30mn sign-ups already, will Threads be the new Twitter? 

FT – Meta unveils Threads as ‘friendly’ alternative to Twitter  

Musk Moderation  

Musk announced a temporary daily limit on the number of tweets users can read on Twitter, much to users’ chagrin. This move, along with a relaxation in policing of the platform, has led to handfuls of advertisers leaving Twitter and reducing its $5bn annual revenues by half. With the launch of Threads, we’re keen to see how Twitter will ensure its survival.  

BBC – Twitter temporarily restricts tweets users can see; Elon Musk announces  

To Delay, Or Accelerate Purchase  

One in three delayed purchasing decisions due to budget freezes. While, 29% escalated some purchases due to changing business needs. This B2B Buyer’s Survey reveals the eight steps to purchase – from anonymous research on the solution, to collecting pricing information, to input from analysts, peers through the all-important demo. And, it highlights why buyers are demanding more hands-on engagement and attention.   

Demand Gen – B2B Buyer’s Survey: Economic Uncertainties Renew Buyers’ Focus On Price & Functionality  

Instagram for News 

Instagram was previously shunned as a news source. Yet, many top news outlets have rapidly boosted their Instagram following in recent years. BBC News gained the most followers, increasing its follower account by 7.4 million. Followed closely by CNN, the New York Times, People and Fox News. The demand for trusted news sources across platforms is rising, and followers are likely to continue growing simultaneously. 

Press Gazette – Ranked: News publishers’ Instagram growth from 2021 to 2023  

Salesforce’s AI Makeover 

Salesforce has unveiled more generative AI capabilities for Sales GPT and Service GPT, alongside resources and advice to deploy them safely. The tools include personalized auto-generated emails to customers, customer call summaries and a sales assistant to summarize sales processes such as account research, meeting preparation and contract clauses. The new features will be available this year. 

Tech Target – Salesforce brings more AI tools to Sales GPT and Service GPT  

The Stakeholder Crowd  

Surprisingly, the actual number of stakeholders involved in the B2B sales process is 68% more than sellers realise. Businesses underestimated the number of stakeholders, predicting interactions with 5.4 stakeholders, when the reality was 8.2. There is an urgent need for enhanced stakeholder discovery skills and comprehensive sales visibility.  

Cision – B2B Sales Involves 68% More Stakeholders than Sellers Realise, Aligned Study Reveals  

AI Could Revolutionise B2B Research  

For B2B marketing, the biggest disruption AI could cause is to ‘diagnosis’ – and not creativity. The technology promises to change B2B market research for the better, by making it more accessible and easier for companies to invest in. AI’s ability to survey the internet and provide preliminary answers could speed up research and lower its costs. 

Marketing Week – AI has the power to change B2B market research forever  


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