It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Published 03/02/2023 / FRESH INK

It’s a marathon, not a sprint.🏅🏃

Creating captivating B2B content takes time, so invest wisely. ⏰💰 

Find out about B2B content creation tips, increased investment, and the top news websites in the week’s Fresh Ink! 

Read on for the top stories in Marketing/PR/Social. ✅ 

A Mixed Bag 

‘Cautious optimism’ was the theme of the recent AA/Warc Expenditure Report, which predicts a 3.8% growth in advertising investments. High inflation will mean that ad spend will be weaker in real terms, but there are some bright spots in the forecast – modelling shows the slump will be short-lived, and investment in the industry will continue to hold up.  

‘More reasons for cautious optimism’: agencies on the AA/Warc Expenditure Report 

It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint 

Content marketing gets the gold medal for driving B2B sale leads. To inspire and capture the attention of your audience, maintain a portfolio of case studies. Using R&D will also help to develop your reputation and credibility. View your product as a client, then focus your B2B content on the things that client likes the most and you will be ahead of the game! 

5 tips to developing B2B content that drives leads

Top of the Pubs  

The Telegraph was the UK’s fastest-growing top ten newsbrand in December, with an 6% increase in users. This was closely followed by Sky News, Mail Online and the Independent, however the best of the best remains unmatched – the BBC. Always good to keep an eye on how the top titles are doing.

Top 50 UK news websites: Telegraph is fastest-growing top ten title in December

B2B Boom 

2022 marked a B2B social media boom, with companies looking to increase brand awareness and engage further with customers. Facebook remains the most used social media platform for B2B organisations, with Gen Z favourite TikTok growing the fastest, with the app increasingly used as a search engine – it’s only growing in importance.  

B2B Social Media marks huge growth with TikTok leading the pack

Pro Tweeter  

Who owns a journalist’s Twitter account – the journalist or their employer? A Twitter feature that is currently being tested would visually tie the journalists’ account to their publication, which would then take users to the news website. Will this change what we consider to be an “official” or “professional” social media account? 

Twitter will soon let news outlets lay visual claim to their staffers’ accounts. Should they? 

Better Meta  

Global Facebook usage is on the up – who would have guessed? Short videos and reels from TikTok have caused a 20% increase in engagement. Not only is the content on trend, but also Meta’s AI targeting systems and relevance models create more personalised experiences. We’re keeping a close eye on how Facebook fare.  

Reports Show that Facebook Usage is Up, as Meta Continues to Develop its AI Targeting Models


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