LinkedIn and X Ctrl-Alt-Del & Meta’s New Content Tool

Published 01/09/2023 / FRESH INK

It’s been a week of control, alt and delete for LinkedIn and X ⚖️ 

Find out more in this week’s Fresh Ink, including: 

• LinkedIn is trialling hashtag changes, while X’s latest update targets the display of news links.  

• Meta’s new tool monitors branded content and Threads’ experiences a loss in users, which could be a positive for LinkedIn.  

• Press Gazette reveals the details of their latest news app ranking.  

• Predicted rise in social media strategy budgets, and the importance of AI adoption in marketing.  

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LinkedIn’s Hashtag Removal Experiment  

LinkedIn is experimenting with its hashtag functionality, in a move that could see an end to clickable and responsive hashtag pages, according to LinkedIn customer posts. The move is rumoured to be in response to recent data which shows that hashtags have less impact on post reach and page traffic than in previous years. Not all members will experience the change at once, and the platform haven’t yet made an official announcement. But it is rumoured to be rolled out over the next couple of months.  

LinkedIn Community  

News headlines to be hidden on X 

X’s latest update targets the display of news links – the platform will no longer display a headline or description to the user. The update aims to decrease the height of a post and reduce clickbait on the platform. But, this latest attempt to “greatly improve the aesthetics” is guaranteed to change how publications use the platform, placing more emphasis on the description, rather than a gripping headline.  

Tech Crunch – X is planning to hide headlines from news links for ‘improved aesthetics’   

Meta’s New Branded Content Tool for Competitive Insight  

Meta has launched a new tool which tracks branded ad content campaigns. The feature ‘Search Branded Content’ is in Meta’s new Ads Library and gives users the option to filter the database by platform, date, and username. It’ll give fresh insight into competitor’s campaign strategies including creator-business and campaign frequency, and which brand-partnerships are successful.  

MarTech – Meta launches new tool to track branded content campaigns   

Apple News is the most popular news app, says Press Gazette  

Press Gazette’s latest ranking update highlighted Apple News as the most popular news app in July, closely followed by BBC News and Sky News. But, Upday and Google News experienced the highest fall in readers year-on-year. And, when it comes to time spent on the app per user, paywalled apps including The Times, the Sunday Times and The Telegraph took top spot.  

Press Gazette – Most popular news apps in the UK: Paywalled Times and Telegraph report highest time spent per user  

CEOs lead the charge with AI Marketing Adoption  

CEOs (35%) and CMOs (33%) are leading the charge with AI adoption and integration in marketing, and other roles don’t come close – only 15% say the CTO is involved in AI ownership, according to Drift/Marketing AI Institute’s latest report. Despite CMOs taking ownership of AI, they fall behind on AI understanding, confidence, and usage. If organisations want to drive meaningful growth and successfully harness the potential of AI, CMOs must take urgent action to upskill themselves and their teams. 

Drift/Marketing Artificial Intelligence Institute – 2023 State of Marketing AI Report  

Social Media Strategy Investment on the Rise 

51% of media decision-makers are planning to increase investments in their social media strategy, according to Advertiser Perception’s latest survey. Social media is providing a better ROI than it did a year ago. So, marketers are becoming increasingly selective with where and who they advertise on social, meeting their audience in their favourite networks and prioritising targeted content.  

Marketing Dive – Marketers ramp up social spending as ROI prospects improve, survey says    


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