LinkedIn Updates, US Social Media Landscape & Cross Functional Collaboration 

Published 09/02/2024 / FRESH INK

LinkedIn is switching up various user features, and with incoming expectations from the C-Suite and the need for cross functional collaboration – now is the time to step up your social networking game! 🏌️ 

Find out about this and more, in this week’s Fresh Ink:  

🧑‍💼 LinkedIn’s Professional Profile Overhaul 

📈 PR’s Reach and Revenue Expectations   

🍪 Amazon Agrees to Split Reach’s Cookie 

📱 Changes to Usage in the US Social Media Landscape 

👥 Forbes Council Advocates for Cross Functional Collaboration 

💬 B2B Buyers Prefer Human Conversations, Says Drift 

LinkedIn’s Professional Profile Overhaul  

LinkedIn is changing multiple user features, aiming to help a larger number of users to improve their professional profile and content. Changes include the elimination of profile hashtags, the expansion of ‘Creator Mode’ to all users, and the ‘About’ section will move to the top of user profiles. On top of that, all users will be able to select ‘Connect’ or ‘Follow’ as the main call-to-action on their profile. So, take note of these changes and step up your professional networking game!  

LinkedIn Updates – The LinkedIn blog  

PR’s Reach and Revenue Expectations   

The C-suite counts on PR to move the needle on business factors such as revenue, share of voice and value, according to a survey by Cision. The survey reports that 60% of PR leaders are citing ‘building sustainable growth and value for the brand as their highest priority. Other key factors include “customer acquisition and engagement” which 43% ranked as a top four priority alongside driving sales/revenue (42%). The data also showed that 92% of global pros say that their C-suite sought their counsel more often last year than in prior years. 

Cision – 2024 Global Comms Report: Elevating & Evolving  

Amazon Agrees to Split Reach’s Cookie 

Amazon has agreed a deal with the UK’s largest publisher Reach to acquire customer data for targeted online advertising. The collaboration is one of the first of its kind in Europe and aims to offset the impact of third-party cookie removal. The data will include insights such as users’ article preferences, allowing advertisers to tailor their strategies. It’s the first shift towards ‘first party contextual signals’ that will help develop actionable insights to reach relevant audiences.  

Financial Times – Amazon strikes ad data deal with Reach as Google kills off cookies  

Changes to Usage in the US Social Media Landscape 

The most used social media platforms in the US include YouTube (83%), Facebook (68%) and Instagram (47%), as reported by Pew Research. The app that saw the highest user increase was TikTok, with a growth of 21%. And, despite no other big shifts, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn also saw a small increase, while X is slowly declining. Adults under 30 are far more likely to use multiple online platforms, specifically Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok.  

Social Media Today – New Report Looks at Evolving Social Media Usage Trends  

Forbes Council Advocates For Cross Functional Collaboration  

Encouraging cross-functional collaboration and alignment on marketing goals across the organisation can help tech marketers to demonstrate their value, according to Forbes Communications Council. Their advice includes showing marketing’s importance in making strategic business decisions and implementing your own communications plan internally. They also recommend mirroring a customer centric approach to internal stakeholders and utilizing data to show narrative value. Finally, transparency is essential. 

Forbes, 14 Ways Tech Marketers Can Demonstrate Their Value To Other Departments

B2B Buyers Prefer Human Conversations, Says Drift 

The number of B2B buyers requesting to speak with a human increased by 2.5x, according to Drift’s latest conversation trends report. In conversations with chatbots, 53% prefer a button answer, and 47% choose an open-text response. But, live agents who responded within 2 minutes of a visitor’s arrival had the highest chance of securing a meeting. However, those left waiting 5 minutes increased the risk of them leaving the site by 10x. B2B buyers have a lot to say, so give them the time and means to say it. 

Drift – Conversation Trends Report  


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