Meta’s new text-based app ‘Barcelona’ is almost here, will it topple Twitter?

Published 02/06/2023 / FRESH INK

Stepping outside the B2B marketing box! 📦 

-LinkedIn reveals how getting creative with content will entice B2B buyers. 

-Marketing Dive explains why CMOs are being asked to do more with less. 

-Meta’s new text-based app ‘Barcelona’ is almost here, will it topple Twitter?  

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Out of the B2B Box 

LinkedIn’s latest research says get creative with your content. 62% of buyers feel that B2B advertising is not relevant to their business. So, give buyers a reason to care! Rather than simply talking about the amazing features of a vendor solution, utilise data-driven thought leadership and targeted content. 

LinkedIn – Building B2B Tech Brands That Shine

Shrinking Source 

Twitter’s role as a source of website traffic for news publishers has been shrinking, with referral traffic to 1,350 analysed publisher sites dropping from 1.9% in April 2018 to 1.2% in April 2023. This drop indicates a potential decline in the importance of social media platforms as sources of website visits for publishers.  

Press Gazette – Twitter’s shrinking role as traffic source for news publishers revealed

The Budget to Execute  

71% of CMOs believe they lack the budget necessary to execute an effective marketing strategy. And, with the continued struggle of layoffs, rising costs in the industry and the drop in marketing budgets, the pressure is on for CMOs to do more with less.  

Marketing Dive – 71% of CMOs lack the budget needed to execute marketing strategy in 2023

All About AI 

UK marketers are keen to embrace the opportunities afforded by generative AI, with 72% of marketers prioritising AI spending in the next year. Despite this eagerness to invest, marketers are concerned their current technology is ill-equipped to leverage gen AI and they lack the ‘know-how’ to do so.  

Marketing Tech News – Marketers keen to invest in generative AI ‘but lack know-how’

Microblogging with Meta 

Meta’s new text-based app ‘Barcelona’ is almost here. Over recent years, more conversations on Instagram have moved to the DMs. The new app will mimic a group chat that anyone can join, like Twitter. So, will you be taking a trip to ‘Barcelona’, or staying true to Twitter? 

Social Media Today – Meta’s Twitter Competitor App is set to be Launched Some Time Next Month

AI Rules for News  

Half of newsrooms are already using GenAI tools for information condensation and summarization. But with only 20% having clear AI guidelines in place, there are concerns about information accuracy, plagiarism and data privacy. 

World Association of News Publishers – New survey finds half of newsrooms use Generative AI tools; only 20% have guidelines in place

Eat, Sleep, SEO, Repeat 

Google’s latest “topic authority” feature adds another layer to the strategic mix. Emphasis will now be placed on a publication’s expertise, influence, and reputation. One-size-fits-all content strategies are old news. Those who invest in developing original, engaging content will come out on top.  

Search Engine Journal – Google Topic Authority: An SEO Ranking System for News Sites


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