Link building lists, More AI experimentation & Measuring Marketing Effectiveness

Published 18/08/2023 / FRESH INK

Deleting old content will help boost SEO – true or false? 🤷‍♀️ 

Find out more in this week’s Fresh Ink, as well as:   

– The latest on boosting SEO from Google, and link building for SaaS marketing.  

– How marketing professionals are using AI – and mixed opinions on the technology.  

– The importance of improving conversion, generating new customer demand, and measuring marketing effectiveness for B2B companies. 

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New B2B Revenue Marketing Benchmark  

Two-thirds of B2B marketers identify ‘improving lead and account conversion rates’ as their highest priority, according to Demand Spring’s B2B Revenue Market Benchmark Report. ‘Generating new customer demand’ (64%) and ‘better measurement of marketing impact’ closely follow as the top priorities. The lack of alignment in sales and marketing continues to be seen as the biggest barrier to securing new revenue.  

Marketing Charts – Improving Conversion Rates Continues to be the Top B2B Revenue Marketing Priority  

No penalty for old content, says Google.  

Deleting old content will not help your SEO. Google has confirmed that there is no ‘penalty’ for having old content on a website. Instead, it encourages companies to repurpose and improve low-quality content. The advice is intended to reward websites that provide content designed for users, not for search engines. So, keep it relevant, interesting, and easily accessible. 

Search Engine Land – Google warns against content pruning as CNET deletes thousands of pages  

Keep up the experiment-AI-tion  

The majority of marketing and comms professionals now use AI tools in their everyday work life, according to The Conference Board. Top uses include: content summary (44%), creative inspiration(41%), and personalising customer and user content (33%). Despite uptake, 40% of respondents believe AI will cause job availability to decline, and 22% expect negative effects on team culture – demonstrating marketers’ mixed feelings about the emerging tech. 

Marketing Dive – Most marketers are experimenting with AI but feelings are mixed, survey says  

Shifting ‘excess’ to ‘effective’ share of voice  

Marketing Week columnist Mark Ritson and effectiveness experts have debated how to turn ‘excess’ share of voice into ‘effective’ share of voice. The panelists discussed how brands can use media strategy and creative effectiveness to make the transition; why being ‘super-targeted’ with media channels ‘rarely’ delivers ROI; how creativity factors into effectiveness; and what to expect when growing a budget.  

Marketing Week – How to turn excess share of voice into ‘effective share of voice’  

The three news brands bucking the trend 

The i, City AM, and Mail on Sunday were the only three titles to grow their circulations from June to July – albeit by a fraction of a percent. Press Gazette reported a decline in print circulation for every other national newspaper in July. The Evening Standard experienced the biggest drop in distribution overall, and the Financial Times fell victim to the biggest month-on-month circulation decline of 4%.  

Press Gazette – National press ABCs: Financial Times records smallest year-on-year decline 

Without lists, your link building has a weak foundation 

Want to become a trusted source in SaaS? The best way is to follow a strategic approach, by building lists around targeted keywords and top-of-funnel search terms like ‘what is…’. That’s the advice of Search Engine Journal, whose 18 other list-building tips include: setting up the marketing and leadership teams as key sources, and ensuring link-building strategies evolve with changing market needs.  

Search Engine Journal – 19 List Building Techniques For SaaS Link Building  


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