Popular news publications, The “Cookiepocalypse” & US B2B Marketing Budgets

Published 25/08/2023 / FRESH INK

Are CMOs prepared for the “Cookiepocalypse”? And, what is driving users towards LinkedIn?  

Find out more in this week’s Fresh Ink, including:  

– The most popular news publications in July. 

– Reactions to the changes coming to third-party cookie usage  

– US B2B marketing budgets.  

– Research exploring texting habits between customers and business,  

– Google discusses the use of external SEO ranking tools. 

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New York Times overtook CNN for views in July  

New York Times overtook CNN in July to become the highest-viewed news site in the US with 441.6 monthly website visits, according to Press Gazette’s monthly ranking. CBS and the Independent were the joint fastest growing news-websites, with visits to both brands up 69% year-on-year. Views for the BBC, meanwhile, fell by 7% year-on-year.  

Press Gazette – Top 50 news websites in the US: New York Times retakes top spot as Independent and CBS News are fastest-growers  

The “Cookiepocalypse” stirs a mixed review  

MarTech’s latest exploration of CMO attitudes towards the impending “cookiepocalypse” highlights mixed reactions. For many, it will require investment in technology and capabilities, to reinvent digital marketing strategy. 72% of CMOs say it will be difficult to handle the loss of third-party cookies. Yet, 61% also remain positive and agree that it will become a good thing for business in the long term.  

MarTech – CMOs say the end of third-party cookies is both a major challenge and a good thing  

US B2B marketing budgets will grow says Forrester   

Three-quarters of US B2B marketers anticipate budgets will increase over the next 12 months, according to Forrester. The increases are expected in technology, program optimisation efforts and personnel. Forrester recommends investments in life cycle revenue marketing and connected messaging in order to support growth, while marketers should also focus on developing clear guidelines for AI in marketing strategy.  

Forrester – Insight To Guide Your 2024 Marketing Planning  

Social media algorithm changes drive users to LinkedIn 

LinkedIn is now cool, according to Bloomberg. Using LinkedIn to interact with a wider network and share thought leadership content has increased in popularity since the pandemic. X, Meta, Instagram and TikTok are constantly shifting their algorithms, making it difficult to create well-performing content. Instead, users are prioritising content and platforms that reflect positively on their ‘personal brand’. 

Bloomberg – Instagram, Twitter and TikTok upheavals are helping LinkedIn  

Google excludes external tools from SEO rankings 

Google doesn’t include scores from external SEO tools when ranking a site in search results, a  chief ‘Search Advocate’ at the company has confirmed. The search engine’s stance is that only Google’s algorithms and assessments matter for search rankings, not third-party scores.  Instead, Google recommends that third-party tools should be used to improve performance and user experience. 

SEO Journal – Google: We don’t use third-party SEO tool scores for rankings  

Texting is the best way to stay connected in B2B, according to study 

Text messaging is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to communicate, according to a recent study by TextUs and Benenson Strategy Group. 42% believe texting is a non-intrusive way to interact with organisations, while 41% of those aged 30-49 say it’s a great way to learn about new offerings or opportunities. Texting has become the preferred method for staying connected. 

MarTech Series – Study finds text messaging proven to be the most effective form of communication among Smartphone users worldwide  


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