Optimised Prospecting, Insufficient Sales Enablement & Taking a Priest to Vegas  

Published 30/06/2023 / FRESH INK

LinkedIn’s Algorithmic Favour  

LinkedIn’s latest algorithm update aims to cut out irrelevant, non-professional content in favour of content from first-degree connections and industry experts. So, how will the platform identify expert insights? Conversation is the magic bullet – other users within your niche interacting with your posts. And, the more you share, the more LinkedIn can understand who you are, what you do. And, crucially who wants to see your posts.  

Social Media Today LinkedIn Shares New Insights into its Latest Algorithm Updates  

Sky’s Ian King Moves to 11.30AM 

Sky’s Ian King Live is having a name and time change, with the newly minted ‘Business Live with Ian King’ airing at 11:30am and 4:30pm in half hour hits. The change means more opportunities for PRs to proactively pitch guests, as the later slot will give the program a chance to react to the day’s business events and have more live US guests. An ideal guest is the CEO of a FTSE 350 company or their overseas equivalent. The program is also receptive to top analysts, fund managers, economists, and VCs. 

Roxhill – Tomorrow’s Business – How to get on Sky News  

HubSpot Optimises Prospecting  

HubSpot’s latest releases aim to help sales teams improve the prospecting experience. And, ease the process of coaching new team members. Its “AI content assistant” can help teams create or edit social content more easily, saving users time. It is also looking to reduce errors by bringing the content approval process into HubSpot, centralising approvals, monitoring changes, and keeping track of the updated document.  

Marketing Week – HubSpot’s May 2023 releases: The manager’s guide  

Insufficient Sales Enablement  

Sales enablement has the potential to transform business – but organisations are struggling to effectively implement it. This Selling Power article shares three core challenges – lack of alignment and collaboration, lack of a comprehensive strategy and a resistance to change. Addressing these issues requires organisations to take proactive measures, to drive continuous skill development across the sales and marketing teams.    

Selling Power – Unveiling the Challenges: Why Organizations Struggle to Capitalize on the Promised Outcomes of Sales Enablement  

Digital Beats Offline for Brand  

Marketers believe digital is more effective at brand building than offline media, especially for B2B. This is a shift in attitude from the old belief that digital is more effective for short-term results than longer-term brand building. The key to success is ‘punchier creative’ as the target audiences has a different mindset when absorbing digital content. The shift is showing in spend – digital media spend has increased by 48.3% while offline spend has fallen by 25.6%. 

Marketing Week – Digital beats offline as marketers’ most effective tool for brand building, survey finds  

Another LinkedIn AI experiment 

Among its multiple generative AI experiments, LinkedIn is in the process of live testing another new tool. The option prompts users to share ideas with an AI chatbot, which then allows it to create a “first draft” of the post. However, this has raised some concerns surrounding misrepresentation of views and knowledge, as it’s easy for users to simply fake it and post without consideration. By taking out the human element, will this take the social out of social media?  

Social Media Today – LinkedIn Launches Live Test of Generative AI Posts  

Taking the Priest to Vegas  

Mastercard’s CFO, Sachin Mehra, spoke on stage at the 2023 Cannes Lions, the first CFO to ever do so. The CMO said this was like “taking the priest to Las Vegas.” Mehra addressed the disconnect between marketing and finance, advising the use of metrics that everyone agrees on, and for marketers to develop their financial literacy. And at the end of the day, it’s all about building an honest and communicative relationship between finance and marketing. 

Adweek – A CFO Went to Cannes  


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