Publishers vs AI, Google’s AI Answers & Global Ad Spend

Published 08/09/2023 / FRESH INK

⛔️ The New York Times, CNN, and Bloomberg have blocked AI from accessing their content ⛔️ 

Find out about this, and more in this week’s Fresh Ink, including: 

– Law firm Schilling has set up its own PR and communications agency to combat the cancel culture, digital threats, and smear campaigns.  

– Meta is set to axe Facebook news, while Google’s latest update will cite the source of their AI-powered search results.  

– B2B marketers in North America are increasing spend on brand strategies and content marketing. And, global ad spend rises over $1 trillion for the first time.   

Growing list of publishers’ block AI from accessing content 

New York Times, CNN, and Bloomberg are among the publishers that have chosen to block OpenAI from using their content. The push back is in response to the technology making up fake articles, and by-lining them to journalist. However, Sajeeda Merali, chief executive of the Professional Publishers Association has warned “[If] ChatGPT is to continue to grow and become an entry point for digital information in the same way that Google search is at the moment then opt-out isn’t really a viable option.” 

Press Gazette – Generative AI and journalism updates: Guardian joins publishers blocking ChatGPT from trawling their content 

The Cancel Culture shoves Schillings into PR  

The law firm Schillings has set up its own PR and communications agency – calling out that the licence to operate for individuals and organisations has become more dependent on reputation. It pointed out that the rise in digital and privacy threats, smear campaigns and overnight cancel culture —supercharged by the digital world – have led to the need to address “intensified scrutiny, both reputationally and legally. And, acknowledged that legal routes are not always the right solution.  

Financial Times – Law firm Schillings takes on PR industry by setting up its own company  

Google’s injected AI-Powered Answers into Search  

Google has launched AI-powered answers into its search experience. Launching first in the US, this will help users quickly find out more about the topic they are searching for. The links will appear by clicking on down arrow icons next to information displayed in the text search. This will no doubt help the useability of the site and ease of searching information, as well as the transparency around AI’s sources. But what will be the impact of these links be on SEO? 

Search Engine Land – Google Search Generative Experience officially rolls out links to webpages within answers  

Brand strategy and content marketing boosts marketing spend  

B2B marketing budgets are on the rise in North America, according to the GDS Group. 74% of senior marketing executives identified brand strategy as their top priority, followed by content marketing (61%) and data-driven marketing (51%). Investments in marketing-focused projects continued throughout 2023, with businesses recognising the value of marketing and how this paves the way for long-term growth and innovation.   

GDS Group – Igniting growth: Rising marketing budgets  

Facebook News to be axed in Europe  

News publishers have hit out at Meta over its plans to axe Facebook news in Europe. Concerns are rising that this will deprive a valuable source of income and traffic for media groups. Facebook counter argues that the news tab makes up less than 3% of what people see on their Facebook feed. And, it is driving users to the platform – Meta believes investment will be more beneficial elsewhere.  

Financial Times – Meta axes support for news in Europe  

Global ad spend tips over $1 trillion for the first time  

Global advertising spending will grow 4.4% in 2023 and another 8.2% in 2024, according to WARC’s Global Ad Spend Outlook 2023/24. This will push the total spend to over $1 trillion for the first time. The growth will be led by social, retail media and connected TV. WARC’s forecast suggests social media will account for $227.2 billion of ad spending in 2024, more than a fifth (21.8%) of the total spend. It’s clear that brands need to focus their ad efforts on social media platforms.  

Marketing Dive – Global ad spending on track to top $1T for first time, WARC says  


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